Archbold, OH

Pettisville, Archbold Students For McCain

Both Pettisville and Archbold students went for the team of Republicans John McCain for president and Sarah Palin for vice president by remarkably similar margins in mock elections Tuesday.

The Archbold Elementary School, grades K through 4, cast 506 ballots, with 288 going for McCain-Palin and 218 for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden. In percentage terms, 57% of the votes went for McCain and 43% for Obama.

At Pettisville, grades 4 through 12 cast 321 votes, with McCain receiving 181 votes, or about 56%, to Obama’s 134, or 42%.

Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Ralph Nader each received three votes at Pettisville.

Third graders and younger students at Pettisville voted for their favorite storybook characters. That race resulted in a tie, with Jack and Annie, and The Pigeon each receiving 54. Arthur was third, with 31 votes.


Tom Wagner, sixth grade social studies teacher at Pettisville, said his class conducted its own campaign, with students dressing up as the candidates and others serving as the Secret Service to protect them. Students made campaign buttons, did their own research into the issues, and were allowed one day for campaigning.

Pettisville fifth graders handled the election, while fourth graders took care of voter registration.

Wagner said quite a bit of learning took place.

“My sixth graders learned a lot about campaigning. We had a one-day campaign on Monday, and some of the kids said at the end of the day, ‘I’m exhausted!””

He said only positive campaign messages were allowed. Robo-calls, pre-recorded telephone calls from a computer, were not allowed.


Dorothy Lambert, Archbold elementary principal, said her students took the mock election seriously.

“They were very excited to show me their ‘I voted today’ stickers. They were excited about the process, and proud that they voted,” she said.

The Archbold fourth grade conducted the election.- David Pugh

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