Archbold, OH

Pet Peeves That Make Us Growl

A pet peeve is a particular and often continual annoyance. In daily life, there are things that bother everyone, and there is little or nothing to do about them.

Buckeye staff members have pet peeves:

•Riding bicycles, inline skates, skateboards, etc., on downtown sidewalks: it’s illegal. Use the alleys or walk through the downtown area.

•Motorists who don’t use headlights in the fog or just after dawn/before dusk: Turning on headlights does not necessarily help a driver see, but it helps others see you. Headlights are not just for night.

•Dog poop: Not everyone enjoys the company of dogs, especially the neighbor’s. No one wants dog poop on a lawn or on shoes. Pick up behind your dog.

•Barking dogs: No one enjoys a barking dog that doesn’t stop. Teach Fido to be quiet.

•Bollard-busting trucks: Did Archbold spend money to install lighted bollards so trucks can mow them down? The bell bollards don’t protect the lighted bollards. They catch trucks so police can get insurance information.

•Overuse of slang: like, you know, that’s cool, far out, whatever, sweet, homie. In other words, my bad, dude.

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