Archbold, OH
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Person Told To Stop Contacting Woman

Several complaints ranging from menacing to telecommunications harassment were filed with Archbold police recently.

Rosalinda Barrera, 56, Archbold, told police on Friday, July 26, a subject she did not want contact with began texting her, then the following day, showed up at her residence.

Police spoke to the person, who agreed to stop contacting Barrera.


Lisa Nichole Roth, 33, Archbold, told police on the same day that two persons were at her residence in connection with an earlier domestic incident. She told an APD officer she did not want the persons at her home.

The officer spoke to the two, who left at his request.


Matthew L. Randolph, 36, Archbold, told police on Wednesday, July 31 that a person threatened him at his residence. An officer spoke to Randolph and the other person; both agreed to stay away from one another.


Regina M. Szczepanski, 49, Archbold, told police on Tuesday, July 30, she has been receiving unwanted text messages from someone who lives outside Ohio. She said she wanted the messages to stop.

Officers are investigating.

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