Archbold, OH

Paving To Start Next Week On North Lincoln St. Project

Brooks Contracting, Perrysburg, is anticipating starting putting the first layers of asphalt on the North Lincoln Street-East Williams Street reconstruction project next week.

In response to a question from Kevin Morton, councilman, Bob Seaman, village engineer, told council at the Monday night, Oct. 1 meeting the firm is still waiting on the removal of some utility poles, but can work around the problem.

Seaman said curbs have been constructed throughout the project, except in areas where the contractor is waiting on three utilities to move their lines to newly-installed utility poles.

“There are three utilities who have to get off the poles before Edison can pull them out,” Seaman said.

The wires must be removed from the poles from the top down, he said. TE has already moved its wires; next on the list is Time Warner Cable, followed by Embarq.

He anticipated the overhead wires will be moved, and most, if not all, of the concrete work will be done by the end of the week.

If it’s not, workers can still begin paving, stopping short of the new, unbuilt curb. All but the final topcoat will be laid, and most area residents will again have access to their driveways.

“It would be open to traffic,” Seaman said.

The project was supposed to be complete by Sept. 1.

Kenny Cowell, councilman, asked about liquid damages, a construction term for the penalty paid by the contractor for missing the completion date.

Seaman said Brooks can’t be held accountable for delays caused by the utilities, but he didn’t think the utility companies had delayed the project. He said Brooks crews could have worked on other aspects of the project.

Wastewater Plant

Councilmen approved a sixth change order to the Archbold Wastewater Treatment Plant renovation project.

Seaman said there were three major changes:

•An old six-inch sludge line that designers originally thought could be used would not allow for efficient operation of the plant. Install new line: $23,000.

•An old concrete walkway over a tank at the plant was too deteriorated to use; replaced with aluminum walkway. Cost: about $19,000.

•Install level sensors in sludge tank; not originally called for in plans. Cost: $8,000.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the changes, plus others, raised the contract price by $65,023, to $5,645,825.

The project is nearly completed, Seaman said.

In other action, council passed a resolution updating the language in the village ordinances pertaining to Ohio Public Employee Retirement packages.

Council also reviewed the Ohio Gas Company Community Energy Partnership gas transportation report, and a letter to Toledo Edison, in support of discounted electricity rates for the ConAgra plant.

Howell told council members people from Ottawa had approached him to express their gratitude to Archbold High School students, who traveled to the flood-stricken community to help with the clean-up effort.

“That’s something you don’t teach in a classroom,” said Kenny Cowell, councilman.

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