Archbold, OH

Parties Advised To Stay Away

Two sides involved in an incident at the Fox Chase Manufactured Housing Community were advised by police to stay away from one another following a Saturday, June 2 incident.

Ricardo Gomez, 69, who lives in Fox Chase, told police about 10:37 pm that a person he knew tried to force her way into his residence.

Police spoke to the suspect, who denied trying to force her way in, saying she was only there to check on him.

The officer responding to the call told both sides that if anything needed to be done, they should contact proper authorities.

In an unrelated case, offi cials at Sauder Woodworking called police at 10:51 pm, Wednesday, June 6, to report an unwanted person on their property.

Company officials said they had advised the person to stay off their property; but, the report said, “the problem continues.”

The responding officer said in his report that he spoke to the suspect and told him to keep off Sauder property.

The officer said failure to comply could result in a citation for trespassing and arrest.

The person said he would not return.

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