Archbold, OH

Park Board Talks About Maintenance

Construction and maintenance issues in Archbold parks were the topics at the Wednesday, Jan. 9 meeting of the Archbold Park Board.

Troy Double, parks superintendent, told the board work is progressing on the new backstop at the Memorial Park baseball diamond.

The chain-link backstop is being replaced by a low brick wall, which will be topped by a net. The project is being funded by private donations.

Jennifer Kidder, director of Archbold Parks & Recreation, said the poles for the new backstop have been delivered. She said she wants to get the measurements for the netting as soon as possible.

Kevin Morton, councilman and park board member, asked about fencing at the baseball diamond that was leaning inward toward the diamond.

He said the poles had moved in the ground. Double said he would look at the problem and see what can be done.

Morton pointed out problems in Woodland Park, where there was no soil around some portions of the sidewalk, revealing four to six inches of concrete.

“When we do more ground work next spring, we’ll fix that,” Double said.


Vaughn Bentz, councilman and park board member, asked about using the north side of the Woodland Park sledding hill as an amphitheatre. Electrical outlets could be installed on the south wall of the concession stand-restroom building to provide electricity for concerts or outdoor movies.

Keith Radabaugh, board chairman, asked about adding recycling bins for aluminum cans in the parks. No decision was made.

Kidder said letters were sent to Archbold swimming pool lifeguards about increased wages.

While amounts have not been approved, Kidder said she has developed recommendations, based on years of service.

“It’s not a huge increase,” she said.

Junior lifeguards are not being considered for wage hikes, she said.


Kidder said she is looking to sign up more parents to coach baseball. The parents will be utilized on game nights, she said.

At the end of February, there will be a baseball meeting; at that time, Kidder said she hopes to merge with another league for Little League and Pony League.

For children 10 and under, she would like to offer a Pony League, but there are few opportunities.

She said she is also working on a small soccer tournament for youngsters ages 9 and 10.

“We don’t have the means to go huge. We have a great facility, but we can’t put 100 teams out there,” she said.

Parks & Recreation basketball is set to start this week. Kidder said turnout for basketball was about the same as last year.

There are fewer coaches for basketball, but she has enough for the season, she said.

All park board members were present, and all votes unanimous.

The next meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 13, 8 pm, in council chambers.

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