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Park Board Reviews Baseball Complex Sketches

The Archbold Park Board reviewed, but took no action on, sketches for the proposed second baseball complex at Memorial Park during its Wednesday, May 24 meeting.

The board was provided with four rough layouts of the second four-diamond baseball complex, plus some to-scale cutouts of differentsized fields to lay out themselves.

Park Board also met in executive session. Stated reason for the closed-door meeting was real estate matters.

Music Commission

Jennifer Kidder, Parks & Recreation director, said the Archbold Music Commission held its first two events, and both were well attended.

The performance of Bob Livingstone, a musician from Texas, opened the Austinto Archbold concert series, Thursday, May 18. Kidder said the tip jar for the event collected over $400.

The Blue, which closed as a restaurant, will remain open for events like the Austin to-Archbold series.

The Archbold Swimming Pool will open, Thursday, June 1.

Kidder told board members the first meeting of the baseball and softball advisory board has been held. She said she went over everything with the members, and told them what to expect.

Kidder also presented the final wage classification to the board.

Things are starting to happen in the baseball and softball programs, she said. But the soccer season has been extended due to weather cancellations.

Kidder said the paperwork is complete on the purchase of a 9.5-acre parcel of property from Harley Burkholder. The selling price was $90,250.

The property, south of the former soccer fields in Memorial Park, will be added to the park in the future. For now, Kidder said she told Burkholder the current crop of alfalfa could remain on the property until he is ready to remove it.


Kidder said Bob Apger, facilities manager, has announced his retirement as of the end of July.

She said Apger’s retirement will be a big loss to the department. He did many jobs.

She said she would begin advertising for Apger’s replacement after the Memorial Day holiday.

Kidder said she will take a proposed tobacco ban to the village council at its Monday, June 5 meeting.

The ban would stop all tobacco use in village parks.

Vaughn Bentz, councilman and Park Board member, said the soccer program has had the most divisional champions ever. Four out of five teams won the title.

“The young boys are really good,” he said.

The board also discussed the replacement of the overhead light in North Pointe Park.

Troy Double, park maintenance manager, said a crew was working on the light when someone approached them and criticized their work.

As of May 24, the replacement light had not been installed.

All board members were present.

The next meeting is Wednesday, June 28, 12 noon, in Archbold Council chambers.

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