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Park Board Offers Golf For Seventh, Eighth Graders

Archbold Park Board is offering golf as a competitive sport for seventh and eighth grade students this fall.

Park board discussed the program during its Saturday, Aug. 16 meeting.

Jennifer Kidder, Parks & Recreation director, told the board that seven students signed up for the program.

In a later interview, Kidder said golf was scheduled to start yesterday, Tuesday, but if more students were interested, they could be accommodated.

She said Parks & Recreation has some golf clubs it received through a grant program, but students would need their own shoes.

The squad will use the Stryker course as its home course, she said.

Fall soccer starts Friday, Sept. 5, and gym time has been scheduled for volleyball and basketball.

She told the board the volleyball program is being expanded to first and second grade students.

Pool Closed

The swimming pool closed Sunday, Aug. 17.

Kidder said the pool had a good year even though the summer was cool.

The board discussed the pool closing policy. Kidder said that on days when there are not 10 swimmers, the pool will close for the day.

The policy has been in place for several years, she said.

Kidder told the board the underground sprinkler system is in place at Spengler Field.

Later, she said weed killer was applied, and the field has been rolled in preparation for play.

The new scoreboard and bleachers are in place as well.

She told the board ownership of Spengler Field will be turned over to the Archbold Area School District, Monday, Sept. 1.

Former Tennis Courts

Kidder told the board the asphalt paving material from the tennis courts in Memorial Park has been removed.

For years, Parks & Recreation workers fought to keep an acceptable playing surface at the courts, but movement of the clay soil underneath caused the court surface to crack, heave, and separate.

Eventually, the decision was made to rip up the court surface and return it to grass until another use is found for the area.

The board approved leaving the lights in place; the backstop fencing was removed.

Parks & Recreation workers removed the asphalt material from the court surface.

Kidder said the work was completed relatively inexpensively, but Troy Double, parks superintendent, said it cost $600 in fuel for the village dump truck to haul away the material.

Some went to fill some low areas; other loads went for barnyard paving.

Kidder estimated it will take 50 to 60 loads of fill dirt to bring the ground back to grade level.

The board also learned the plastic slide at North Pointe Park must be replaced.

The slide has a crack. While it can be used, it cannot be repaired.

The company that manufactured the playground equipment at North Pointe Park sent a representative to examine the slide.

The representative said the slide must be replaced.

Kidder was working on options for the board to consider.

Board members Vaughn Bentz, Moses Rodriguez, and Andrea Thiel were absent.

The next meeting is Saturday, Sept. 20, 8:30 am, in council chambers.–David Pugh

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