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Park Board Expenses Down Nearly $80,000

Total expenditures by the Archbold Park Board are down almost $80,000 compared to the same time last year, board members learned at a Saturday, May 22 meeting.

The board’s total operating expenses from Jan. 1 through April 30, 2010, were $135,196.18.

For the same period in 2009, total park expenditures were $215,026.32.

So, total park expenses for 2010 are down $79,830.05, or about 37%, when compared to 2009.

Vaughn Bentz, park board and council member, said he was glad to see the decline in expenditures.

Jennifer Kidder, Archbold Parks and Recreation director, said park board employees had done a lot to cut expenses, including changing watering and fertilizing schedules at Woodland Park.

“We’re doing a lot of little things,” Kidder said.

Salaries and benefits for the same year-to-date period were down by 11%, and operation and maintenance expenses were down almost 20% compared to the same four-month period in 2009.

Money coming into the park board from the village income tax and other sources is also down. Between Jan. 1 and April 30, 2010, the park board received $246,842.26 in income, compared to $269,029.12 for the same four-month period in 2009.

That’s a drop of $22,186.86, or about 8.25%.

Pool, Shade

Kidder said the Archbold Swimming Pool will be open Monday, May 31, Memorial Day, from 1 to 5 pm. The pool has been filled, and the water is now warming, she said.

When asked about a solar cover for the pool, Kidder said the cover helps retain heat, but the old cover was just about disintegrated, and solar covers are a lot of work for the lifeguards.

Also, she said there have been a lot of expenses at the pool, including a new pump for the water slide.

Shade structures for one of the Memorial Park baseball diamonds have been delivered. They will be assembled after Memorial Day, she said.

Park board members also discussed photos of ball teams taken at the park.

Royal Images, Archbold, will continue to take photos at the games, but J.C. Riley, a local photographer, has expressed an interest in taking action photos, then selling prints. Photos would be optional; parents will not be required to purchase them.

Kidder said Riley is willing to give the park board 10% of his proceeds.

Board members decided to allow additional photo sales this summer at tournaments only, then consider developing a policy in the fall.

Refurbishment of the Memorial Park batting cage is not 100% complete, but Kidder said the board must wait for more money before finishing the project.

The biggest part of the project left undone is carpeting the inside of the cage. Good quality carpet will cost about $1,000, she said.

She said the Archbold American Legion post had provided money to put up a flagpole at the Memorial Park diamonds.

High School

Kevin Morton, park board and council member, said he had been approached by a constituent who questioned whether high school baseball tournaments held at Memorial Park benefit Parks & Recreation.

Kidder said Parks & Recreation does well on concession stand sales, but doesn’t share in gate receipts. She said tournaments are a benefi t to other businesses in town, such as local restaurants.

She said there is some expense for diamond preparation.

“The biggest plus is the kids get to play some home games,” Morton said.

“It’s probably a little more work, but it’s good for everybody,” Kidder said.

The board went into executive session to discussion personnel matters. Nothing resulted from the closeddoor meeting.

All members were present, and all votes were unanimous. The next meeting is Saturday, June 19, 8:30 am.–David Pugh

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