Archbold, OH

Park Board Discusses Tryout Issue

The Archbold Park Board spent much of its Wednesday, May 18 meeting discussing a parent’s concern about a Little League baseball player.

The parent was concerned over the way players are picked for the traveling teams that play games against youngsters from other park districts.

The parent noted his son did not make the traveling team, and suggested ending the practice of having tryouts for traveling team memberships.

Kevin Morton, Archbold village councilman and a park board member, and himself a former Little League coach, said one issue involves safety.

For example, he said he saw a child playing third base in the Pinto League. A line drive was hit at him.

“It went right by his ear. The kid never moved,” Morton said.

He questioned whether it was a good idea to put a youngster “in a situation to fail.”

Jennifer Hurst, a park board member, said she had seen kids frustrated at being unable to play at a level higher than their own talents.

“My son had a good experience in City League,” said Vaughn Bentz, a councilman and park board member.

Pool, Scoreboard

Thursday, May 19, was scheduled to be a big day for Archbold Parks & Recreation.

Jennifer Kidder, Parks & Recreation director, said the pool was scheduled to be filled with water, and the new scoreboard was to be installed at the baseball diamond.

The most recent repairs to the pool have been finished and the repaired portion has been painted.

There had been some discussions of a dedication ceremony for the new scoreboard.

The new scoreboard is 36 feet wide, and cost about $35,000.

The pool was scheduled to open Friday, May 27. A lifeguarding class was to be held at the pool on Memorial Day.

A new sidewalk from the Woodland Oaks II neighborhood to Woodland Park has not been completed, Kidder said.

Final agreements with the property owners must be complete before the project can start, she said.

Also, Kidder said the park board received a $1,000 donation from the Archbold Foundation for scholarships.

Parks & Recreation offers scholarships for families who may have several children who wish to go to the pool or participate in activities that charge fees.


Moses Rodriguez, a board member, said the site of the old tennis courts in Memorial Park looks good.

After years of maintenance headaches, the tennis courts were finally removed, and grass planted in their space.

Rodriguez suggested that the area, which still has large overhead lights from the tennis courts, be used as a croquet court.

The board took no action on the suggestion.

Another idea discussed by the board was a use for the vacant Shopko building.

After a discussion about holding baseball tryouts earlier, is was jokingly suggested that the tryouts be held indoors.

Kidder said she had looked into using the vacant building, but “it was a little pricey.”


In a later interview, Kidder said the park board had given her permission to purchase a concession trailer.

The trailer could be used at different locations, most notably the Ruihley Park baseball diamond.

Andrea Thiel, a board member, was absent.

The next meeting is 12 noon, Wednesday, June. 22.

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