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Park Board Discusses Next Memorial Park Ball Diamond

The estimated cost for the next diamond in the new baseball complex in Memorial Park is $186,000.

The estimate was given to Park Board during its Wednesday, March 6 meeting.

Jennifer Kidder, director of Archbold Parks & Recreation, said she and Dexter Krueger, park board member and assistant village engineer, will talk next month to finalize the bidding documents.

Krueger said the $186,000 figure is a preliminary estimate.

Kidder said she had not received word about an application for grant funding from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. She said the project will move forward assuming the grant will not be received.

When asked by Jennifer Hurst, board member, if there is a time frame on the grant application, Kidder said no, adding the board applied for a grant in 2006 but didn’t find out if it received funding until 2008.

The next diamond will be the northwest diamond of what will eventually be a four-diamond complex, similar to the original diamonds at Memorial Park.

The diamond completed last year is 270 feet from home plate to the fence in center field.

The new northwest diamond will be 200 feet from home plate to center field.

Anticipated completion date is Aug. 31.

Kidder’s hope is by having the diamond finished by the end of August, grass can get planted sooner.

Objections To Concert

Andrea Thiel, park board president, said she received a call from a downtown Archbold businessman concerned over the Friday night, June 21, country music concert downtown.

The businessman, she said, was concerned that by blocking off North Defiance Street, patrons could not access his business.

Kidder said Parks & Recreation tried to reach out to downtown restaurants to get them involved by selling food during the concert.

Josh Johnson, recreation program specialist, said the concert will start at 7:30 pm and be over by 10:30 pm.

Kidder said Parks & Recreation officials looked at other venues, but the downtown area is the best option because the buildings offer a natural barrier, and less fencing has to be rented.

Plans call for North Defiance Street to be closed to traffic for the concert, and for beer to be sold by the can.

Won’t Rain

Kidder was asked about a backup plan if there is rain.

“It won’t rain,” Kidder said.

Johnson explained once a portable stage is set up on North Defiance Street, Park Board will be charged for the cost whether the concert is held or not.

Johnson said a cover for the stage would cost $1,000, adding it would be cheaper to get a tent.

Vaughn Bentz, councilman and park board member, was absent.

The meeting is Wednesday, May 1, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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