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Pair Of Twins Part Of “Porridgegate”

There will be not one, but two sets of twins on stage when Archbold Community Theatre presents its children’s theatre show, “Porridgegate.”

A fairy tale mystery subtitled “The Case of the Missing Porridge,” it combines many favorite fairy tale characters with new ones along the way.

Teresa Van Sickle, Archbold, director, said, “The entire cast has done a wonderful job, and talent runs deep.

“But having those special family connections with not only the twins, but some other family groups on stage together, just makes it really special.”

Will And Kate

William “Will” and Kate Nofziger, fraternal twins from rural Archbold, play the crime-stopping duo of Hoover (Kate) and Sherlock McGarrett (Will).

The Archbold fourth graders are the children of Ross and Jo Nofziger.

The pair followed all of their older siblings into theatre. Carrie, Lydia, Seth, Eliot, and Hope have all spent time on the ACT stage.

While it’s easy to see the strong bond between the pair, they have their differences. Kate said she enjoys working with ACT because of the opportunities to meet new friends, and just be involved.

Will said he enjoys playing “crazy roles” such as the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland.”

“The nice thing about theatre is that you can let your personality be seen much better than you can in sports,” he said.

Seth & Jesse

Seth and Jesse Short, identical twins from West Unity, play a pair of lazy little pigs, Oscar Meyer (Seth) and Jimmy Dean (Jesse).

The two, sons of Dave and Cammie Short, are homeschooled fifth graders.

Despite their young age, they’re ACT veterans, having performed in “Jungle Book,” “Wizard of Oz,” and “Anne of Green Gables.”

Recently the pair were Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in “Alice In Wonderland.”

The pair followed brother Wyatt onto the stage, but not their brother Garrett.

“Garrett hates theatre!” they said.

Both said they love being in shows and meeting new friends, but also admitted that after the last performance of a show, their mother rewards them with gifts of candy or books.

ACT presents “Porridgegate” at Giffey Hall in the Ridgeville Corners theatre district, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 28-29 and Oct. 5-6, 7:30 pm., and Sunday, Oct. 7, 2:30 pm.

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