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Paintball Player Causes Alarm

The sight of a young man carrying a mask and a paintball gun was a cause for concern at the Sauder Village area about 5:35 pm, Wednesday, Aug. 1.

An Archbold police report states officers were told that patrons at The Barn Restaurant had observed a young man in front of the Sauder Outlet Store, carrying a mask and a long gun.

Officers checked the area, but did not observe such a subject. APD officers put out a broadcast seeking the young man and describing a vehicle he got into.

Later, in talking with outlet store employees, offi cers were told the young man came into the store, explained he and his friends had been participating in a paintball competition and he was waiting for someone to pick him up.

In paintball, players use special guns to shoot small plastic balls filled with paint at one another. They wear masks to protect their faces.

Store employees said the young man was carrying a mask and a paintball gun.

The report states the young man “just wanted them (store employees) to know what he was doing, and there was no reason to be alarmed because of his presence and appearance.”

The report states a couple of customers in the store “apparently didn’t totally comprehend the situation.

“Case closed.”

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