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Ownership An Awesome Responsibility

After 113 years, the third- and fourth-generation owners of the Archbold Buckeye have sold the newspaper.

Mary Huber and David Pugh have purchased the newspaper from the Ross Taylor family, with the goal of continuing and building on the traditions of the Buckeye well into the future.

Taking over from the Taylors is not an easy task, as no one has a greater love of Archbold than the Taylor family.

In 1983, Ross and David stood outside at the north end of The Barn Restaurant at Sauder Village, and looked out over the fertile fields and farmsteads.

“Isn’t this the greatest view on earth?” Ross said. David tried to refute it, but Ross was unwavering. It is the greatest view on earth.

Together, David and Mary have spent more than 60 years at the Buckeye, learning, refining, and honing skills to bring citizens the best weekly newspaper possible.

They have chronicled the history of the community for the bulk of their professional careers, just as the Taylors have.

Sometimes joyous, sometimes tragic, sometimes frustrating– it is the story of our village, and every week the story continues.

This community needs the Buckeye, because there are many stories that must be told.

The Buckeye takes its role as a member of the fourth estate seriously. In the U.S., the term “fourth estate” is sometimes used to place the press alongside the three branches of government. The term refers to the watchdog role of the press, a role that is important to democracy.

The Buckeye will continue to question our leaders– especially locally, in village and township government and in the schools.

The Buckeye will continue to inform readers of news and events that impact their lives, in both news coverage and advertising.

The Buckeye will continue to be produced locally, by local owners and employees– not some corporation with a headquarters in another state who doesn’t know the wonderful people who live and work in Northwest Ohio.

Owning, maintaining, and growing the Buckeye is an awesome responsibility.

The Taylor family refers to Grandma Taylor’s angel, that of W.O. Taylor’s wife Magdalena, whom they believe has watched over the Buckeye for decades.

We hope she continues.

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