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Overturned Truck On Ohio Turnpike Not Related To Wind

A semi-tractor trailer crash on the Ohio Turnpike near Wauseon was not related to high winds, Wednesday morning, Oct. 31.

Lauren Hakos, marketing and communications manager for the Ohio Turnpike Commission, said there was a travel ban in place for certain types of vehicles from 5 pm, Monday, Oct. 29, to 8:30 am the following day.

During that period, high winds driven by Superstorm Sandy were ripping through the area.

The ban prohibited certain trucks, including some double- and triple-trailer rigs, boats on trailers, horse trailers, and vehicles such as motor homes from traveling on the turnpike.

The ban did not extend to conventional semi-tractor trailer rigs.


Terrell Campbell, a sergeant with the Toledo Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, said at 8:55 am, the semi, driven by Qin Xianoun, 38, Arcadia, Calif., with codriver Hu Shiping, 50, Gabriel, Calif., was traveling west on the turnpike, carrying 15,000 pounds of office supplies from New York to California.

The semi went out of control, drove off the south side of the road, went through a guardrail, and into the median.

The tractor ended up perpendicular to the road, blocking part of the eastbound lanes.

The trailer overturned, spilling part of the load into the median.

Campbell said 150 gallons of diesel fuel spilled, which were to be cleaned up by a private contractor.

Not Related

Campbell said the crash was not related to the high winds blowing at the time.

He noted sleet was falling but the road surface was only wet, not icy.

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