Archbold, OH

Our Christmas Wish List

With Christmas only three days away, families are stuffing their stockings with care and placing wrapped presents under the tree.

This week’s Archbold Buckeye
includes letters to Santa from Archbold and Pettisville second graders. Many children’s wishes include what one would expect… toys, electronics, games, pets. Some are more poignant… like asking for a cure for cancer.

Here are some things on our Christmas wish list:

WE WISH for the economy to continue to improve, putting people back to work in good-paying jobs and allowing our local entrepreneurs to stay in business.

WE WISH for our elected leaders to work together to solve the problems of our nation, state, county, village, and schools.

WE WISH for the safety of all members of our Armed Forces, as they continue to serve our country at home and in foreign lands.

WE WISH support and love from family, friends, and community, for those who have suffered tragedy or loss.

WE WISH for the safe return of the Skelton brothers.

May you and yours remember the
true meaning of Christmas as you
celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas.

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