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Other Editors Say…

“Bailout brews,” the headline blared, announcing that the Big Three and United Auto Workers are seeking $25 billion (that’s with a “b,” not “m”) from the federal government.


Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler are hurting. Big time. No denying that. But they are to blame. Not taxpayers. Let them fix it.

They’ve had more than a half century to get with it. The first signal came with the popularity of Volkswagen’s Beetle, back in the 1950s. Company after company (Packard, Nash, and others) bit the dust. Yet Detroit kept pumping out energy-ecosystem gobbling high-profit clunkers.

Foreign companies got the drift, introducing ever more popular models that US buyers snatched up.

Ignoring the inevitable, the industry and politicians remained advocates of high speed limits and battering the landscape with highways to accommodate them, while opposing investment in mass transit and restricting growth to short-commute developed areas where the infrastructure was already in place.

In step with industry, workers demanded ever-higher wages and benefits that gave the edge to lower-wage competitors.

Doomsday was assured, but the powers that be ignored it. Now they are destined to pay the price.

A taxpayer bailout is, at best, a wrong, short-term solution.- The North Woods Call, Charlevoix, Mich.

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