Archbold, OH

Opportunity To Succeed Helps Young Students

Before school ends, communities across the nation will honor outstanding boys and girls who have achieved great accomplishments on the athletic field and in the classroom.

They have reached lofty heights through talent, determination, and hard work. They are deserving of praise.

Not every child can reach high levels of achievement. In many cases, they are part of the great mass in the middle of the bell curve, neither at the bottom nor the top. They’re average.

Every youngster needs a chance to shine; a chance to excel; a chance to succeed.

This is one of the roles of the Archbold Buckeye’s Design An Ad project.

For 19 years, Design An Ad has given young boys and girls an opportunity to succeed. It provides another outlet for their talents and hard work.

The program encourages imagination. It brings public attention to creative talents. The students become better readers and writers, and learn about the community.

Students must be detail-oriented for the project, and learn to be better consumers of news and advertising.

Seeing the faces of boys and girls light up when their name is called as a winning designer makes all the work worthwhile.

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