Archbold, OH

Old Trees Need To Come Down

It was Joyce Kilmer, who, in 1913, penned his immortal poem, “Trees,” in which he said, “I think I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree.”

Trees are lovely things indeed, providing us with many benefits.

Unfortunately, like people, trees are not immortal. They have a life span, a certain amount of time in which they grow, flourish, and die. As many varieties of trees age, they begin to rot from the inside out. Once-mighty trees become weak and dangerous with age.

The storms of Friday, June 6 and Monday, June 9, demonstrated the dangers of old trees and high winds. On North Defiance Street, two homes had massive trees fall, damaging a house and a pickup truck. In many places, old trees lost limbs, blocking roadways. Often, the broken ends revealed areas that were hollow from rot.

No one wants to cut down a big, beautiful, mature tree, but sometimes, it must be done. Examining old trees for signs of rot is part of the responsibility of being a good property owner.

There may be no poems lovely as trees, but falling trees that cause property damage, human injury, or even death, aren’t pretty at all.

Look after the trees on your property. They can be beautiful assets… and extreme liabilities.

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