Archbold, OH

Ohio Turnpike Tolls Go Up Sunday

New Ohio Turnpike toll rates take effect Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012.

The new rates, which were approved by the Ohio Turnpike Commission in March 2009, continue to provide an incentive for drivers using an E-Z Pass transponder.

E-Z Pass customers pay lower tolls than customers paying with cash or credit cards.

Some travelers who drive between only one or two interchanges will not see any increases.

For example, automobile drivers who enter the turnpike at the Archbold-Fayette interchange (Exit 25) and drive to the Bryan-Montpelier interchange (Exit 13) will still pay 50 cents if they are an E-Z Pass customer or 75 cents if they pay by cash or credit card.

Drivers entering at the Archbold interchange and exiting at the Toledo Airport

Swanton exit (Exit 25) still pay $1.25 if using E-Z Pass or $1.75 without using E-Z Pass.

Drivers going from the Archbold interchange to the Westgate interchange currently pay $1 with E-Z Pass and $1.50 without. Beginning Sunday, drivers will pay $1.25 with E-Z Pass and $1.75 without.

Drivers headed to Pennsylvania from Archbold currently pay $9.25 with E-Z Pass and $13.50 without. They will pay $10 with EZ Pass and $14.75 without starting Sunday.

Under the current rates, the cost to travel the entire 241-mile Ohio Turnpike from Indiana to Pennsylvania in an automobile is currently $10.25 with E-Z Pass and $15 without.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, it will increase to $11.25 with an E-Z Pass and $16.50 without.

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