Archbold, OH

Official Vote Count Held

Melanie Gilders, deputy director of the Fulton County Board of Elections, said the official count of the March 6 primary election ballots was held Friday, March 23.

Only one result, that of the local option for Sunday sales of liquor at the Wauseon Wal- Mart, changed, from passing by one vote to failing by one vote.

A recount of those ballots was Friday, March 30.

After the recount, Gilders said the local option question for the discount store did fail by one vote.

The final tally was 185 against allowing Sunday liquor sales, to 184 in favor.

Gilders said the recount was conducted by handcounting all of the votes recorded by voting machines in Wauseon’s fifth precinct. The precinct was the only one to vote on the Sunday sales question.

Each voting machine records ballots cast electronically and prints them on a paper tape.

Board of Elections workers took those paper tapes and hand-counted each vote cast.

Also hand-counted were qualified provisional ballots and absentee ballots cast on paper.

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