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Official Election Count Smooth; Pettisville Bond Issue Stronger

The final official count of the Nov. 4 General Election didn’t change any of the results of the unofficial election night count.

However, the margin of victory of Pettisville’s new school bond issue for a new school building increased.

On election night, the approximately $4.83-million bond issue passed with 609 votes in favor to 469 opposed. Percentage wise, it worked out to 56.5% in favor to 43.5% opposed. The margin of victory was 140 votes.

The final election count included provisional ballots, which added 92 votes to the tally.

When the final count was complete, the levy passed, 686-484. While the opposition gained 15 votes, those in favor added 77.

In percentage terms, about 83% of the provisional ballots were in favor of the new building.

The margin of victory increased to 202 votes, 58.6% in favor to 41.4% opposed.

Kathy Meyer, director of the Fulton County Board of Elections, said the final count, held Friday, Oct. 21, went smoothly.

Out of 650 provisional ballots cast on Election Day, 98 were disallowed. She said the most common reason provisional ballots were disqualified was that the voter voted in the wrong precinct, or the Board of Elections couldn’t find the person who cast the ballot as a registered voter anywhere in the State of Ohio.

By approving the bond issue, Pettisville voters approved construction of a new $21-million school building. More than 80% of the cost of that building will come from the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

Pettisville School District property owners will be charged an additional 7.86 mills on their property tax bills for 28 years, the life of the bonds. It is estimated the owner of a $100,000 home in the Pettisville School District will pay an additional $240 a year in taxes.

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