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Offended Archbold Officials Can Still Work With Commissioners

Archbold officials were offended over how they were treated during the debate over the EMS contracts and the response times of ALS- 1, the Archbold paramedic unit.

But after meeting with the Fulton County Commissioners on Thursday, Dec. 8, Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, and Andy Brodbeck, AFD chief, said they feel they can work with the commissioners going forward.

Wyse said he thought the Dec. 8 meeting “cleared the air” between the two groups.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt” that village officials and the commissioners can work together, he said.

The meeting addressed concerns about the staffing requirements the commissioners were seeking and questions about ALS-1 response times, Wyse said.

Andy Brodbeck, Archbold Fire Department chief, said he “absolutely” could work with the commissioners.

At Issue

Fulton County advanced life support units are staffed by one paramedic and one emergency medical technician.

Unlike other communities, Archbold requires the paramedic to remain on station for a 24-hour shift, but allows the EMT to remain at home, only reporting to the station when called.

The commissioners wanted the Archbold EMT to remain on station. They say waiting for the EMT to arrive before leaving the station causes too much delay.

The commissioners had proposed a contract requiring EMTs and paramedics to remain together, but that part of the contract was dropped. Instead, the matter will go to an advisory group.

Detrimental To Archbold

Minutes from the Dec. 8 meeting at the commissioners office reflect some of the ill feelings between Archbold officials and the commissioners.

In the minutes, Jeff Fry- man, Archbold councilman and chairman of the police and fire committee, stated what they (village officials) find so disconcerting is that Archbold has been portrayed as having deficiencies in its operation of ALS-1.

If that wasn’t the commissioners’ thought process, they need to go back on the record stating Archbold has run its department in an acceptable manner.

Also, the minutes said Fryman told the commissioners there were comments made to the media by the commissioners and Vond Hall, county administrator, that he would like to have clarifi ed.

Kevin Morton, Archbold councilman and a member of the police and fire committee, was paraphrased in the minutes as saying Archbold is not very happy with the things that came out in the paper regarding the 30-second difference.

It was determined that by allowing the EMT to respond to emergency calls from home, ALS-1 is 30 seconds to a minute later responding to calls than other Fulton County ALS units.

Morton stated in the minutes that this was based on one call per week during overnight hours, and it was used in a very detrimental manner to the village.

According to the meeting minutes, Morton said, “Until there is a public apology, this is not going to set well.”

The apologies, the minutes state, need to come from the commissioners and Hall.


Later in the meeting, Perry Rupp, Fulton County commissioner, is paraphrased in the minutes as saying if a public apology is needed, he will give that public apology.

Rupp said the commissioners asked tough questions, and he apologized for any ill feelings it may have caused.

Paul Barnaby, president of the county commissioners, repeatedly praised the Fulton County emergency medical service system.

In the minutes, he made an apology for any misconstrued reporting, stating that he thinks county rescue workers are doing a fine job.

Hall: Not Unacceptable

In the minutes, Hall said his understanding was the commissioners wanted to improve response times.

That wasn’t to say response times were unacceptable.

The question was, how do we improve an already great system, Hall said.

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