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Obama Has Big Job

The American people have spoken, and Barack Obama will become the 44th president of the United States.

Thus ends two years of endless jabbering and caterwauling about national promises. No more television commercials. No more direct mailers. No more computer-delivered, pre-recorded, illtimed, and inconvenient telephone calls (robocalls). No more allegations of socialism, Marxism, communism, and other “isms.”

Despite the torrent of information blasted at the public, the candidates shouting at one another, the emails alleging the other candidate eats dirt and howls at the moon, and the angry voices of talk radio, the election is over.

Once again, we have shown the world we can switch from one regime to another without involving the military, or gunfire in the streets; without bombing the presidential palace. With that, we set the example for other types of governments in the world.

When Obama takes the oath of office Jan. 20, 2009, he and the Democratic Party will take their turn to solve the problems of America. Hopefully, they’ll have better luck than the present administration.

In the meantime, Archbold citizens will continue the routine of going to work, raising families, and attending church and schools, without the annoying buzz of presidential campaign promises constantly in the background- at least for another four years.

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