Archbold, OH

NSCC Contract, Young’s Departure – Odd Coincidence?

After more than a year of fruitless negotiation, a contract was reached between the Northwest State Community College board of trustees and the education association.

Interestingly, it was resolved within 33 days after Betty Young, former president, departed the tax-funded state community college.

Young was president of the college for four years, including through approximately 19 months of negotiations with the education association. She left the college for a much better paying job, and left behind an unresolved labor contract.

Today, she leads a larger college in North Carolina. Her resignation was effective Aug. 31.

Soon after Young’s departure, Thomas Stuckey was named interim Northwest State president. Soon after Stuckey’s elevation to the presidency, both sides sat at a table, smiling and signing an agreement.

Young holds an impressive list of academic credentials, as do Stuckey and members of the education association.

Yet, for months, all of the collegetrained, deep-thinking minds could not come to consensus on a reasonable contract that treated both sides fairly and respectfully.

Is it possible that words like selfishness, greed, and obstinence can apply to persons with college and universitytrained minds? Must money and selfishness rule every facet of American society, even education?

Isn’t it interesting that Archbold educators might be in the middle of a similar situation right here in our own Archbold Area School District. The school board and the Archbold Education Association have been negotiating for months, and have failed to come up with a contract.

Let’s hope we don’t lose our new superintendent because of disagreements and misunderstandings.

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