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North Pointe Park Topic At Council

Archbold Village Council asked for a proposal for a sidewalk from the end of St. Anne Street to the North Pointe Park at its Monday, July 15 meeting.

Dan Neff, 325 Primrose Lane, appeared at the June 17 council meeting and asked council to look into providing a parking lot at the North Pointe Park, which is west of the end of St. Anne Street.

There is a parking area paved with “grindings,” materials ground off of asphalt streets as part of the repaving process.

Neff said he had seen parents with strollers struggling to negotiate the rough surface of the grindings to get to the playground area.

Park Board

Kevin Morton, a councilman and Archbold Park Board member who also is council’s official liaison to Park Board, said the board discussed the issue during a Saturday, July 13 meeting.

Morton said the board’s recollection was when the North Pointe Park was built, it was believed the North Pointe subdivision and St. Anne St. would be expanded further west.

Therefore, either on-street parking for the park would be available, or a parking lot could be included as part of a street project.

But the subdivision was not expanded and the street was not extended, so no parking lot was built.

Park board had no plans to build a parking lot for North Pointe Park.

Kenny Cowell, councilman, suggested rather than building a parking lot, a sidewalk from the current end of St. Anne Street to the park playground would solve the problem.

Ed Leininger, councilman, said a sidewalk could go a long way to solving the problem.

But Bob Seaman, village engineer, said there may not be appropriate right-of-way between the end of St. Anne St. and park property.

Morton also pointed out there are no sidewalks in the North Pointe subdivision.

Robert & Roger Investments, Archbold, owns the vacant land west of the North Pointe subdivision where North Pointe could potentially expand. Seaman said he had seen concept drawings of how North Pointe could be expanded into the vacant land, but nothing has been platted.

Jim Wyse, mayor, asked Dennis Howell, village administrator, to contact Kevin Frey or Frey & Sons and discuss the park issue.


Council approved renewing the village property and liability insurance through Beck Insurance, representatives of The Ohio Plan.

The insurance premium for one year was $62,422. The village is in the second year of a three-year agreement with the firm.

Howell said the premium was $4,000 more than last year.

Most of the increase resulted from the purchase of new vehicles. There were no changes in coverage limits.

In response to a question from Cowell, Howell said the village did not take the optional $5 million coverage for damage from earthquakes.

Also, Howell said the Archbold Fire Department annual feather party is now covered under the village insurance.

Change Order

Council also approved the final change order for the East Holland Street and alley project, completed earlier this year.

The overall cost of the project increased $6,950.76, making the final cost $274,912.76. The increase reflected adjustments for actual quantities of materials used.

In a related matter, Howell said Toledo Edison placed a new pole near the intersection of East Holland Street and the alley on the east side of North Defiance Street.

Now, he said, two telecommunications companies, Century Link and RTEC Communications, must move their lines and the old pole.

Once that work is completed, a small amount of paving can be completed.

Council reviewed the income tax report. Howell noted while the results for June 2013 were down compared to June 2012, the year-to-date figure for 2013 still exceeds 2012 collections for the same time period by about 3%.

Council also reviewed the June police department and finance reports.

In reviewing the street department and vehicle maintenance report, council noted that 24 man-hours had been spent working on a water department dump truck.

Howell said council will probably need to look at replacing the truck soon, “since it’s getting pretty rough,” he said.

“We will want to evaluate that in the future,” Howell said.

Vaughn Bentz, a councilman, was absent.

Cowell and Morton abstained from voting on the July 1 meeting minutes since they were absent from the meeting; otherwise, all votes were unanimous.

The next council meeting is Monday, Aug. 5, 7 pm, in council chambers.–David Pugh

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