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Norfolk Southern Needs To Respect Communities

A Norfolk Southern train blocked the Defiance Street crossing for nearly 18 hours, Sunday, Sept. 21, an action that feels like an arrogant disregard for our community.

It’s as if NS said to Archbold, “We don’t care about you, and to prove it, we’re going to park this train so it blocks your main street, then walk away and leave it there all day. And when you complain, we’re going to do nothing about it.”

Of course, we understand it can be difficult to run a railroad with 1,000 or more trains a day across 20,000 miles of track in an era of rising demand for rail transportation. We understand that mishaps occur, trains break down, and train crews run out of work hours. We get it.

But still, we believe they simply don’t care.

Norfolk Southern must do better. The company needs to find ways to avoid blocking the Defiance Street crossing. If crews are nearing the end of their allotted time, they should plan ahead and allow themselves time to uncouple some cars to clear crossings that would be blocked.

And, they need to do a better job of communicating with Archbold to let village officials know what’s going on.

In short, NS needs to show Archbold a little more respect, because we deserve nothing less.

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