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Nofziger Votes Against Approval Of Spring Coaches List

There was a split vote during the Monday, Sept. 21 meeting of the Archbold Area School Board.

A split vote, in which one or more board members votes against the others, is a rare occurrence in board meetings.

Phil Nofziger, a board member, voted against approving a list of coaches for spring sports.

The list of coaches was part of the personnel recommendations of the board, which are usually approved as a group.

Nofziger asked that the coaches list be removed from the other actions and acted upon as a separate matter.

When the vote on the coaches was held, Nofziger gave the only “no” vote, so the list was approved by a 4- 1 majority vote.

When asked, Nofziger said he had no comment on why he voted against the list.

High school coaches on the list:

Track: Dina Gladieux, head coach; Jake Kraegel, Rachel Kinsman, Chris Baden, assistants;

Softball: Joe Frank, head coach; Greg Kuhlman, Andrea

Thiel, assistants; Sarah VonSeggren, junior varsity;

Boys Tennis: James Kidder, head coach;

Baseball: Dick Selgo, head coach; Jeff Brunswick, assistant; Scott Foor, Mike Fether, volunteer coaches; Jon Fether, junior varsity coach.

Mike Kennedy, Tom Walker, Ryan Holdgreve, were approved as middle school track coaches.

Other Actions

The board unanimously approved several other personnel actions.

One-year contracts were approved for Kimberly Garrow, Jennifer Rodriguez, Amy Miller, Joyce Miller, and Constance Smith as classified substitutes for the 2015-16 school year. A. Miller’s contract was effective Monday, Sept. 14; J. Miller’s was effective Monday, Aug. 24.

A one-year supplemental contract for Collin Walker to serve as an assistant high school football coach for the current season was approved. The contract was made effective Aug. 24.

Jon Fether received a oneyear supplemental contract as the science tutor for the Ohio Graduation Test for this fall. The contract has a maximum of eight hours.

Aaron Rex, superintendent, said Fether will help a few students complete their OGT graduation requirements.

Brenda Beck received a one-year contract for one hour per week as the high school study table tutor.

The study table will be held on Thursday nights for students seeking additional help.

Ryan Throne received a one-year contract as the substitute study table tutor.

Sandy Babcock and JoAnn Cousino each received oneyear contracts for winter concessions for the current school year.


The board also approved a list of resident educator mentors for the 2015-16 school year.

Mentors work with new teachers in the first three years of their teaching careers.

After mentoring, the new teachers must pass a test.

First-year educators Jody Schwyn, Miranda Steffes, and Miranda Wills will be mentored by Krysti Bowerman, Alissa Stockburger, and Jennifer Hurst, respectively.

Second-year teachers Dana Hilfinger, Courtney Froehlich, Abbey Nafziger, and Jamie Anderson will be mentored by Jessica Miller, Kent Vandock, Brenda Beck, and Andrea Thiel, respectively.

Third-year teacher Mindy Gruenhagen will be mentored by Shelly Conway.

Executive Session

Board members met in executive session for approximately 40 minutes.

Stated reason for the closed-door session was to discuss the employment, compensation, promotion, or demotion of public employees.

No action resulted from the secret session.

The next meeting is Monday, Oct. 19, 5 pm, in the high school media center.– David Pugh

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