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No Wheels On Downtown Sidewalks!

Ah, springtime! Temperatures moderate, sunshine appears, life begins anew.

Now is the time to enjoy bicycles, scooters, and inline skates and enjoy healthful exercise.

But all too often, people are riding their bikes, scooters, and skates on sidewalks in the Downtown Historic District. Youngsters and adults have been observed speeding down the sidewalks.

There is a reason bicycles and other wheeled conveyances are banned from downtown sidewalks. It’s too easy for a pedestrian stepping out of a business place to walk in front of a speeding cyclist.

Pedestrian-bicycle accidents have resulted in broken bones and teeth. Not good. Over the years, two women have suffered broken bones resulting from collisions.

This topic has been broached on this page before, but every time a bike speeds past our door, obviously not everyone knows the rules.

Parents, teachers, and pastors need to remind citizens to keep bikes and other ride-ons off the sidewalk. While it is difficult to enforce, Archbold police must make an effort, too.

Preventing injury to pedestrians and cyclists must be a priority.

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