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No Surprise Over Tax Levy Talk

No one should be surprised that the Archbold School Board is, or soon will be, talking about a property tax levy.

When voters approved the emergency levy in 2006, it was no secret that the levy would last only five years. If anything, the school district has managed to put off an additional operating levy for two to three years.

The board talked about the emergency levy during the Oct. 18 meeting. They also discussed the issue during the May 17 meeting.

Prior to the 2006 operating levy, Archbold schools were very lucky. A good economy and a healthy industrial base allowed the school district to go 13 years without seeking additional operating money.

But now, the economy is dismal, and our industrial base has suffered. Industries don’t generate the tax money the school district relied on in the past.

School funding from the state is at best, uncertain, as the state has its own funding problems. State offi- cials have relied on federal economic stimulus cash to balance the books.

School board needs to sift through the choices, and decide what option is best for the schools.

Then, responsible citizens, who vote, will decide the fate of Archbold schools .

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