Archbold, OH

No News On Stadium Lights For Friday’s Football Game

David Deskins, Archbold Area School District superintendent, won’t say how district officials intend to light Friday night’s home opening football game.

“All I can say is a football game will be played,” Deskins said, when asked about the issue Monday night.

The Archbold High School Football Stadium has no lighting for the field after it was discovered the 100-foot tall light poles installed in 2005 could not be certified as safe.

After several poles manu- factured by the same company that built Archbold’s poles fell over, problems were discovered in the welds where the pole attaches to its base plate. Independent ultrasonic tests ordered by the school district reveal similar problems in all of Archbold’s poles. They were taken down as a precaution on Tuesday, July 20.

New poles that meet Archbold’s requirements have been ordered, and will ship out of a Texas warehouse, Friday, Sept. 10. They could be erected in time for the Friday, Sept. 17 game against Evergreen.

They won’t be here in time for Friday night’s non-league game with Hicksville.

District officials considered other options, such as using Spengler Field, or moving up the scheduled start time to play the game in daylight.

As of Tuesday, no change of venue or the 7 pm start time has been announced.

Unofficial sources say the school district will rent portable lights to light the field, and school officials were seeking donations to offset the cost.

But Deskins declined to specify the district’s exact plans.–David Pugh

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