Archbold, OH

No Local Non-Partisan Candidates, Issues On General Election Ballot

When Archbold, German Township, and Pettisville voters go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 2, they will not face any non-partisan local candidates, ballot questions, or issues.

But there will be activity on Fulton County ballots.

Collin McQuade, Swanton, will seek reelection to his post as Fulton County Eastern District Court judge. He is unopposed.

Two local questions over the Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages are on the ballot. Voters in Wauseon’s Precinct Four will vote on whether or not to allow a restaurant to sell alcohol on Sunday, while Gorham Township voters will be asked to approve a similar question for a carryout store in their precinct.

Three school districts are on the November ballot.

Evergreen School District officials are asking its voters to approve a 1.8-mill permanent improvement levy on a continuing basis. Once passed, a continuing levy never needs renewal.

The 1.8-mill figure represents a reduction of onetenth (.1) of a mill from the current levy.

The Wauseon School District school board is asking voters for a new 4.38-mill levy for emergency requirements of the school. If passed, the levy will remain on the books for 10 years.

Voters in the Pike-Delta- York school district are being asked to approve a 1.25% income tax for current expenses. If approved, the tax would be permanent.

Voters in the Village of Swanton will be asked to approve a half-mill (.5) replacement levy for permanent improvements in the district parks. The levy would last five years if approved.

In Clinton Township, voters will be asked for an additional .35 (thirty-five onehundredths) of a mill for maintenance of the Wauseon Union Cemetery. If approved, the levy would be collected for five years.

A renewal of a one-mill levy for Amboy Township will be on the ballot. If approved, money from the fiveyear levy will go toward fire protection and rescue services.

Royalton Township is also seeking fire protection money. Voters will be asked to renew a 1.8-mill levy for five years.

Voters in the Swancreek Township-Liberty Center precinct will vote on a new 1.3-mill levy request from the Liberty Center library.

The five-year levy, if approved, will pay for current expenses.

There are no local candidates or issues impacting Freedom or Ridgeville townships in Henry County.

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