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No Guarantees Co. Rd. 24 Won’t Be Developed

There can be no ironclad guarantee that if Co. Rd. 24 is upgraded to become a state highway, retail development won’t follow.

The area is now protected by the county master plan, zoning, and the unwillingness of the Village of Archbold to run municipal utilities to the area.

But if the right deal comes along in the future– something that is just too attractive to resist– that could change.

Zoning can be changed. The master plan can be altered. Pipelines can easily be extended.

Indeed, preventing development on Co. Rd. 24 and protecting the viability of downtown and south Archbold is up to future village government leaders.

And there are examples that show it could go either way.

For example, when the Ohio Turnpike interchange was built on what was then Co. Rd. 24, some predicted that truck stops would spring up nearby.

Forecasters said truck stops would be followed by negative things like prostitution and adult book stores.

But the area around the interchange hasn’t been developed. Its character remains largely unchanged today.

On the other hand, people in Ridgeville Corners were promised years ago that there would always be a school in their town.

Today, the school is a church.

This is another reason why it is important to choose good leadership for our community, township, and county– leaders who will pursue progress but remain committed to honoring the past.

It is up to us, through wise choices at the ballot box, to make sure the wishes of the community are respected.

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