Archbold, OH

No Emergency Declaration After Saturday Council MeetingFree Access

Brad Grime, Archbold, mayor, and members of Archbold Village Council opted not to declare an emergency in a special emergency council meeting held Saturday morning, March 21.

Grime said the village is already under emergency declarations, from both the State of Ohio and Fulton County in response to the threat of the Coronavirus.

Other area communities have declared emergency status. Council members said Wauseon was the first in the area. Media reports say Kathy Huner, Wauseon mayor, made the declaration Tuesday, March 17.

Grime said village officials are making preparations for such a declaration, if it is warranted.



Board members also discussed what to do about village employees who were returning from their vacations. Four out of five that were on vacation had traveled to Florida.

Included in that discussion was an approximately 15 minute executive session.

Council decided by consensus the employees returning from Florida would be told to quarantine themselves for two weeks. During that time, they will work from home, if possible.

Employees will be paid during the two-week quarantine period.

Council members decided to not approve any vacations further for employees

Grime asked people to refrain from taking vacations and traveling outside the area. He urged people to follow state and federal guidelines.



Council, by consensus, opted to postpone some of the village infrastructure projects, with the goal of saving money in case income tax revenue goes down.

The first project to be postponed is the reconstruction of Woodlawn Oaks II subdivision.

Council had selected Hillabrand & Sons Construction, Northwood, for the almost-$1.3 million project. Donna Dettling, village administrator, said the contract had been accepted but not awarded, allowing the village to stop it.

Hillabrand did receive the contract for replacement of waterlines and on South Defiance Street and Miller Avenue. That project will be allowed to continue.

A plan to construct a new $1 million water tower in 2019 has been postponed.

Work on Phase I of the Archbold Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements, the expansion of the aeration tanks, will possibly be put on hold, depending on whether ConAgra moves forward with an expansion project.

The second phase, which includes about $4.5 million in work, is slated to continue.

Five members of council were present for the Saturday meeting, along with Grime, Jim Wyse, former mayor, and Dettling.

The next meeting of Archbold Village Council in Monday, April 6 at 5:30 pm in council chambers.–posted 2.29 pm 3.21.20