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No Easy Answers to Rd. 24 Issue

Whatever commissioners of Fulton and Henry counties decide about the relocation of St. Rts. 66 and 2 along Co. Rd. 24, they will not please everyone.

The industrial giants–those who employ hundreds, even thousands of people in our community– want, and need, easier access; not just for trucks, but for employees who commute to their jobs.

Those who earn their living from commercial and retail businesses want, and need, the same highway traffic driving through town, where motorists passing through stop and spend money.

The agricultural community wants, and needs, highway traffic to stay off farm-to-market roads so they can safely move big, slow-moving equipment.

Persons who own homes along Co. Rd. 24 want to maintain the rural lifestyle they were seeking when they purchased property.

Balancing all of these interests is impossible. No compromise option is available. Someone will be disappointed.

Those on the two-county board are faced with a difficult decision. The complaints of some are heart-wrenching; the requests of others offer exciting possibilities for growth and expansion.

And it certainly takes much political courage to turn down millions of dollars in state funding.

It’s a tough decision for public leaders.

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