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No Discussion On Tax For County EMA

The possibility of an addition to a property tax levy to support the Fulton County Emergency Management Agency was not discussed at a recent meeting of the EMA executive committee.

The agenda for the Monday, Sept. 9 meeting of the committee listed a “possible addition to the EMS (Emergency Medical Service) levy.”

But Todd Grisier, president of the executive committee, said the levy issue “was not discussed, and is not anything that’s going to happen.”

Grisier said EMA is funded through state and federal grants through an operating budget from the Fulton County Commissioners, and from a $600 annual assessment of other governmental units in Fulton County.

However, he said, grant funding is drying up, and at some time in the future, EMA may need to look at other options for funding.

Grisier said the issue got on the agenda because one member of the executive committee wanted to propose the addition to the EMS levy as a way to provide stable funding for EMA.

“There is nothing on the table. There is nothing being discussed, but at some point, we’re going to have to discuss it,” Grisier said.

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