Archbold, OH

No Decision Yet On New NWOESC Office Building

The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center board has not made a decision on whether to build an approximately 50,000 square-foot office building in the Archbold Industrial Park.

“We’re getting closer, but it’s still in limbo,” John Kaylor, deputy superintendent of the service center, said.

Back in January, Darren Jenkins, superintendent of the service center, said the center’s board voted to accept an up-toby $240,000 incentive package offered by the Village of Archbold to construct the new building in the village industrial park.

Kaylor said the new site is not in question.

“If we build, that (the industrial park) is where it will be,” Kaylor said.

End Of July

The building question should be on the service center board agenda towards the end of July, Kaylor said.

Archbold was in competition with a Henry County site for the new NWOESC building.

To lure the NWOESC to Archbold, village officials put together an incentive package of site development projects.

As part of the package, the village will provide connections to underground utilities, a parking lot, and a slab foundation for the new building.

Village officials announced the incentive package in January.

Proposed Building

Current plans call for the service center to build the building, then rent about half of the space to the Northwest Ohio Computer Association.

The service center was created out of the former county boards of education. Presently, the service center operates offi ces in four buildings in each of the four counties it serves: Fulton, Defiance, Henry, and Williams.

By moving personnel from the four offices to Archbold, Kaylor said the service center can take advantage of economies of scale, and not have to duplicate some costs and services.

For example, instead of having to provide copiers in four offices, the service center board needs to purchase only enough copiers for one building.

The Village of Archbold benefi ts by having 100 to 120 new jobs in the village. The employees will pay the Archbold income tax.

Village officials say the income tax revenue will allow the village to recoup its up to $240,000 investment in about three years.- David Pugh

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