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No Changes In Election Results

The vote tallies of the Tuesday, Nov. 5 general election are official, and there were no changes in the results.

Also, none of the final figures indicates an automatic recount is necessary, but in the race for Archbold Village Council, it was close.

Melanie Gilders, director of the Fulton County Board of elections said board officials ran the necessary calculations, and determined that for an automatic recount to be required, the margin of victory for Kevin Morton over Monica Miller had to be less than 7.93 votes.

The actual difference was eight.

In the German Township Fiscal Officer race, Gilders said for a automatic recount to be triggered, the margin of victory would have to be less than 4.27 votes. Keith Roth defeated Joyce Kinsman by 12 votes once the final totals were in.

Rick Frey defeated Dave Murry for the unexpired term of a Clinton Township Trustee seat by 31 votes, with a final total of 642 to 611. For an automatic recount, the total would have to have been less than 6.265 votes.

The Board of Elections conducted their final, official count, known as the “official canvas,” Wednesday morning, Nov. 20. During that recount, valid provisional ballots, and absentee ballots received before the Friday, Nov. 15 deadline are included in the tallies.

Karla Ball, the top vote-getter in the Archbold Village Council race, garnered an addtional 10 votes, bumping her total from 914 to 924.

Kevin Eicher and Kevin Morton, council incumbents, each picked up six additional votes in the recount, bumping Eicher from 688 to 694, and Morton from 679 to 685.

Monica Miller earned an additional eight votes, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Morton’s eight-vote margin.

Michael Dijak picked up two more, for a final of 224 votes.

In the German Township Fiscal Officer race, Joyce Kinsman added one additional vote to her total for 421. Keith Roth, the winner, added two, for 433 total.

In the Clinton Township election, Rick Frey won the unexpired term, and added eight votes to his unofficial total, for 642. Murry gain seven votes, for 611.–posted 1:04 pm Wednesday, 11.20.19