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No Actual Threats Made, Police Learn

Police discovered a report of threats involving the use of firearms turned out to be a case of words getting twisted and changed between one party and another.

The Archbold police report states on Friday, Oct. 20, a parent called the station to report a juvenile had received reports from another juvenile, and that a third youth had access to firearms.

The redacted police report states that the third juvenile had allegedly said he or she would not be afraid to use a firearm the next time he or she came into contact with the person of the alleged threats.

The officer spoke to both the target of the alleged threats, and the hearsay witness.

“I then found after speaking with them that words got twisted, changed, and threats were never made in the first place.

The officer then spoke directly to the “suspected suspect” in the case, and learned he or she did not have access to firearms, and had been in the presence of an adult the entire day.

“I informed the juveniles to stop causing false information which could lead to other acts of violence and problems. Parents were informed,” the officer wrote.

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