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News from the Pew & Pulpit

Archbold Evangelical

Sunday: Nick Hudson and worship team, music, offertory. Message, “the CRUX-Recovering and celebrating the significance of the death of Jesus: the substitute,” 2 Corinthians 5:21, Jesse Kahler. Dedication of Jamison Douglas, son of Zach & Dani Bly; Edyn Grace, daughter of Nathanael & Miriam Miles; Jennings Justin, son of JJ & Bethany Rupp; Beckett Grae, son of Austin & Ashley Short; Daphne Kay, daughter of Logan & Kayla Wyse.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday: Gloria Graber, Kelly Schmucker, Cork & Peg Rufenacht, greeters; Beck family, worship leaders; Jeff Roth, chorister; Brody Beck, Natalie Schmucker, Grace, Sam & Lydia Hastings, prelude & offertory; Zelma Kauffman, scripture; ladies choir, special music. parent/child dedication for Josh & Laurin Wyse with Mackenzie, Matt & Bethany Stuckey with Ensley. Message “Praying for Boldness,” Matt Weaver.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday: Anita Sauder, worship table; Lois Miller, Ruth Nafziger, greeters; Jenni Beck, prelude/offertory; Pam Graber, song leader; Sandy Aeschliman, childrens moment. Meditation, “There is Freedom, then There is Freedom,” Acts 16:16-24, Ryan Harker; Corey Smeltzer, sharing & prayer.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday: Ian Grime, Carly Grime, acolytes; Dave Walker, Dave & Page Miller, Michael & Karen Walker, Doug & Nancy Rupp, ushers; Ed Ruffer, song leader; Lynne Christman, accompanist. Nancy Rupp, childrens moment. Sermon, “Family– Love & Support,” Ephesians 5:21-6:4, Erich Christman.

United Methodist Church

Sunday: Matt Slawinski, Noah Slawinski, Julie Brink, sound/video; Susie Slawinski, pianist; Colleen Bernath, organist; ministry of music, Rte2G childrens choir, “I Know That My Savior Loves Me”; Dick Selgo, liturgist; childrens message, Bev Emch. Sermon, “Grace That Clothes Us,” Galatians 3, Jim Nathan.

St. James Lutheran

Sunday: Worship led by James Strawn, pastor. Caleb Grime, acolyte; Lois Badenhop, organist. Scripture: Psalm 23, Acts 20:17-35, Revelation 7:9-17, John 10:22-30. Chancel flowers by Nancy Zimmerman in memory of loved ones and in honors of mothers.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday: Tom & Joetta Henry, Dave & Karen Keesbery, greeters; Larry & Sandy Brandt, Rich & Andrea Thiel, ushers; Meghan Taylor, Maddie Thiel, Alison Roehrig, acolytes; Tom Henry, Marolyn Bostelman, lectors. Sermon, “Prepare To Listen,” John 10:22-30.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday: May music festival. Mykale Schneider, acolyte; Autumn Benecke, Isaac Reichert, piano prelude; Eliza Avers, Courtney Froehlich, lectors; Steve Basselman, organist/ choir director; Beth Reichert, pianist; Marlyn Krueger, Anita Roth, Josh Basselman, Zach basselman, Abbie Short, Isaac Reichert, Erin Reichert, Jeremiah Hartman, brass ensemble; Strikepoint youth bell choir, “Allegretto con Moto.” Adult bell choir, “Let All Things Now Living.” Chancel choir, “Ancient Words,” “Let Everything that has Breath.” Sunday school songs, “Books of the Old Testament,” “Books of the New Testament.” Childrens message and sermon, “Words and Song,” Paul Reichert.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday: Masses for vigil and Fourth Sunday of Easter were said for Bobby & Allen Dominique and Kathryn Fleming. Sermon, “Shaking the Dust off your Feet,” Stephen Stanbery assisted by Larry Zachrich, deacon. Larry Zachrich, Peaches Holland, Chuck Mc- Coll, Frank Smith, Sharan Mignin, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion; Maria Sandoval, Jody Ritzel, Frank & Beni Smith, greeters; Mary Ann Thatcher, Stephen Bernath, lectors; Sam Jaramillo, Cassidy Baden, Grace & Wyatt Ritta, Brylee Grime, servers; Tami Kunesh, A.J. Dammon, Doug Williams, Pete Grime, ushers; Thom Singer, music; Theresa Bennett, rosary leader; Steve & Barb Dominique, Mary Evans, Traci Manderino, offertory.

TCAG – Contemporary

Sunday: Praise team, “I am who you say I am,” “Holy Spirit you are welcome here.” Brooklyn Rodriguez sang “Oceans.”