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News from the Pew & Pulpit

Lent Five

Archbold Evangelical

Sunday: Worship with Holy Communion. Nick Hudson and worship team, music, offertory. Message, “Patterns In Genesis-Joseph: Ending,” Genesis 42-50, Jesse Kahler.

Central Mennonite

Sunday: Gary & Nancy Grieser, Bev Miller, Shirley Nafziger, greeters; music team, prelude, offertory; Jeremy & Gretchen King family, worship leaders; Randy Nafziger, song leader. Message, “Who’s the boss?” Isaiah 43:16-21, Dave Elkins; prayer, Brent Ringenberg.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday: Lynn & Bobbie Stuckey, Randy & Becky Kauffman, greeters; Art Chupp, worship leader; Pete King, chorister; mens quartet, prelude & offertory; Donna Smith, scripture; Keith Short, sharing, prayer. Message “In the Hunt,” Matt Weaver.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday: John King leader; Keith & Janet, Kinsey, Marissa, & Jacob Myers, greeters; P33:3, prelude, gathering songs; Doug Yoder, song leader; Bre Daugherty, childrens moment; DR participants, mission moment. Meditation, “When We’re Confronted by the Gospel,” Acts 13:1-12, Jess Engle; Corey Smeltzer, sharing & prayer.

Zion Mennonite

Sunday: Julia & the Bees, prelude, interlude; Julia Richer, song leader: Barnaby Wise, worship leader; Jerry & Ladonna Andres, Trevor & Mike Short, Cal Britsch, Mike Zimmerman, ushers; Bob & Joyce Frey, Neil & Kathy Nofziger, greeters. Sermon, “The Fabric of Mercy,” Psalm 126, John 12:1-8, Rebecca Stoltzfus; prayer for church & world, Sue Short.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday: Cahle Roth, Jack Hurst, acolyte; Brad & Avery Roth, Craig & Jenny Grieser, Tony & Aiden Warnke, Brent Winzeler, ushers; Elaine Winzeler, song leader; Jan Lindsay, worship leader; Buffy Riley, accompanist; chancel choir, “The Love of God.” Sermon, “Perceiving the Lord’s Presence,” Philippians 4:1-9, Erich Christman. Welcome Payton Emerson Redd, adopted three-monthold son of Andy, Meridith & Jace.

United Methodist Church

Sunday: Matt Slawinski, Julie Brink, sound/video; Susie Slawinski, pianist; ministry of music, Kelly Short & Matt Slawinski; Claire Morton, liturgist; presentation, Camp Widewater. Sermon, Jim Nathan.

St. James Lutheran

Sunday: Worship led by James Strawn, pastor. Colton Wood, acolyte; Isabella Francis, organist; elders Randy Carothers and Dan Bernath, communion assistants; bell choir, directed by Mary Leininger, “Pedalpoint,” and “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.” Sermon, “God’s Patience,” Isaiah 43:16-21, Philippians 3:8-14, Luke 20:9-20, James Strawn. Chancel flowers given by Les & Jan Schafer in honor of their 28th anniversary.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday: Sing A New Song worship team, music; Tom & Joetta Henry, greeters; Mark & Susan Miller, Eric Patterson, ushers; Brady Bacik, Carter Kruse, Suz Walker, Jenna Mahnke, acolytes; Shirley Sigg, Mike Weaver, lectors; Jennifer Grime, childrens chats. Sermon, “The Way of Mercy and Grace,” Philippians 3:4b-14, Von Eric Berlin.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday: Olivia Liechty, acolyte; Dennis Howell, lector; Steve Basselman, pianist/ organist; Mike Short, percussion; bell choir anthem, “Wondrous Love,” and “I’ve Got Peace Like a River.” Childrens message and sermon, “Trusting God’s Leading,” Paul Reichert.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday: Masses for vigil and fifth Sunday of Lent were said for Matt Kunesh and Norbert Lisak. Sermon, “A Forgiving God Wants Us To Improve,” Stephen Stanbery, assisted by Larry Zachrich, deacon. Larry Zachrich, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion; Brooks & Sheri Bosco, Maria Gonzales, greeters; Linda Lauber, Dexter Krueger, lectors; Sam Jaramillo, Cassidy & Olivia Baden, Oliver Seibert, Hannah & Olivia Francis, Mason Miller, servers; Pete Grime, AJ Dammon, Chris Lopez, Frank Smith, ushers; Thom Singer, music; Theresa Bennett, rosary leader; Tami Kunesh, offertory.