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Lent 2

Archbold Evangelical

Sunday: Nick Hudson and worship team, music, offertory. Message, “Patterns In Genesis-Joseph: Favor,” Genesis 37:2-11, Jesse Kahler.

Central Mennonite

Sunday: Gary & Nancy Grieser, Levi & Mary Lou Beck, greeters; music team, prelude, offertory; Duane Beck & music team, song leader; Nancy Roynan, worship leader. Message, “We’re All A Little Flakey.” Psalm 27, Dave Elkins. Moment in mission, Jacob Nafziger, MDS Central-California trip.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday: Adam & Jen Cobb, Pete & Luana King, greeters; Aaron Stuckey, worship leader; Kauffman praise band, prelude & offertory; Denny Phillips, scripture reader. Message, “The Fox & The Hen,” Steve Heatwole.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday: Dave, Rhonda, & Katie Moore, greeters; Harris King, worship leaders; Harris King, Kayla Bruner, prelude, offertory; adult praise band, gathering songs; John King, song leader; Jane Bruner, childrens moment. Meditation, “The Conversions of Saul and Ananias,” Acts 9:1-19, Ryan Harker; mission moment-D.R. mission participants; sharing and prayer, Jess Engle.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday: Rayne Kinsman, Krayton Kern, acolyte; Greg Walker, Dale & Ann Grime, Keith & Kelli Kuntz, Jim Grieser, ushers; Linda Heer, worship leader; Andrew Rohrs, song leader; Lynne Christman, accompanist; jr. choir, “I Sing the Mighty Powers of God.” Sermon, “Children of God, Wonderfully Made,” Psalm 40:1-2, Psalm 139:7- 14, Erich Christman.

United Methodist Church

Sunday: Matt Slawinski, Julie Brink, sound/video; Susie Slawinski, pianist; Colleen Bernath, organist; ministry of music, bell choir; Jim McCurdy, liturgist. Childrens message and sermon, “Forgiveness-Honesty,” Matthew 7:1-6, Jim Nathan.

St. James Lutheran

Sunday: Worship led by James Strawn, pastor. Geoffrey Yoder, acolyte; Isabella Francis, organist; elders Einstein Francis & Tyson Moss, communion assistants; choir, “Be Still My Soul,” directed by Shari Leininger. Sermon, “I Must Go On My Way,” Jeremiah 26:8-15, Philippians 3:17-4:1, Luke 13:31-35, James Strawn. Chancel flowers by Weirauch and Torres families in memory of Mark, Doug and Travis Weirauch.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday: Tom & Joetta Henry, greeters; Wayne Lienau, Bob Hesterman, ushers; Beth Lienau, organist; Brett Grime, pianist; Deb Volkman, Jody Hulbert, lectors; Gabe and Bella Chapa, acolytes. Sermon, “Walk This Way,” Luke 13:31-35, Jeffrey Corder. New members welcomed: Dave, Cathie & Bailey Fedderke, Meghan Grime, Pat & Dave Hire, Collin & Brittney Hughes, Oscar & Peggy Vega.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday: Masses for vigil and Second Sunday of Lent were said for Norbert Litak, Bobby & Allen Dominique. Sermon, “Feel The Religion,” Stephen Stanbery assisted by Larry Zachrich, deacon. Leonard Gustwiller, Larry Zachrich, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion; Mike & Barb Britenriker, Chris Lopez, Maria Gonzales, greeters; Mary Ann Thatcher, Susan Wlasiuk, lectors; Elizabeth Mignin, Allie Buehrer, Karter Zachrich, Jeron Williams, Hannah & Olivia Francis, servers; Mike & Barb Britenriker, David Dominique, Garrett Grime, ushers; Hannah Francis, rosary leader; Thom Singer, music; Steve & Barb Dominique and granddaughter, offertory.

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