Archbold, OH
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News from the Pew & Pulpit

Archbold Evangelical

Sunday: Nancy Wyse, prelude; Danielle Rupp, missions moment; offertory, Mens Quartet. Message, “Hope Revealed! God’s People,” by Brad Bame. Second service: Praiselude and Worship through singing led by Worship Team Band; baby dedications; offertory, “Find Your Wings by Jennifer King; missions moment and message same as first service.

Wednesday: Kids Connection Club, Jr. High Alive, Men Alive, adult Bible study, worship team practice, high school small groups, choir practice.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday: Zelma Kauffman, Merle Wyse, prelude; John Dinius, worship leader; LaVon Short, chorister. Message, “What About #8?” by Cliff Brubaker.

Wednesday: MYF.

Zion Mennonite

Sunday: Cheryl Britsch, song leader; Lynette Bontrager, worship leader; Linda Nafziger, Brad Short, Jeff and Danielle Wyse, Ty Yoder, ushers; Glen and Doris Nafziger, Fern Schrock, greeters. Sermon, “God Calls 70/72,” by Sherm Kauffman.

Wednesday: LOGOS, 5:30 p.m.; LOGOS Meal, 5:50 p.m.; MYF car wash, 7 p.m.

Central Mennonite

Sunday: Peg Bruner, music for gathering, offertory; Dana Short, welcome; Anita Roth and Music Team, music leader; Sarah Short, Good Action News; Tara Ramirez, scripture reader; Sermon, “Easter Silence,” by Wanda Stopher.

Wednesday: MYF, 6:30 p.m.

United Methodist

Sunday: Chris and Ronda Vonier family; Gary Fidler, Bernie Haas, David Eicher, Rob Short, ushers; Alyssa Ziegler, Krista Leupp, acolytes; Liz Leupp, liturgist. Message by David David.

Wednesday: JAM Session, Groundbreakers, 6:30 p.m.; high school youth, 7 p.m.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday: Olley Short, Kyle Beck, acolytes; Susie Enderle, Bea Briggs, Linda Heer, ushers; Jeff and Laura Bostelman; Beth and Joel Wanemacher, ushers; Bob and Carol DeVries, Dale and Ann Grime, greeters; Anna Yoder, Deb Schnitkey, accompanist; Dianne Wyrick, worship leader; Ilsa Grieser, Linda Rutledge, song leader. Sermon, “Sermon, “Our Rally Cry,” by Erich Christman.

Wednesday: JYF, 6:30 p.m.; SYF, 7 p.m.; Chancel Choir practice, 7:30 p.m.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday: Mary Grime, organist; Sherrie Schweinhagen, Mike Weaver, lectors. Altar flowers in remembrance of all who died on Sept., 11, 2001. Sermon, “Little Angels,” by Dale Kern.

Wednesday: Weekday school of religion, 5:45 p.m.; Weekday Parents meeting, 7:15; YIA meeting, 7:30.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday: Masses for the Vigil and the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time were held and were for the intentions of the people of the parish and Daryl Graber. The sermon, “Do What Is Right,” was by Gary Ferguson. Ellen, Grace, and Meggie Yoder, Emerson and Ian Radabaugh, David Lauber, servers; Nick Wlasiuk, Mari Yoder, Therese Wylie, Jim Rivello, Arlene Hicks, and Karen Dominique, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, Susan Wlasuik, Joan Garber, lectors; Earl Reiniche, San Jaramillo, Keith Radabaugh, Mike Wilson, ushers; John Smith, rosary leader; Tom Singer, music; Jen Graber and boys, offertory.

Wednesday: Religious Education classes for Grades K-12, 6:30 p.m. Parish Council meeting.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday: Matthew Sevey, acolyte; Butch, Amy, Hannah, Noah Blankenship, ushers; Jim and Janet Wyse, Ivy Nehls, Kris Jemmott, Jane Sonnenberg, communion assistants; Kris Jemmott, Steve Basselman, Nona Liechty, lectors; Michael Short, percussion; Jessica Short, flutist, Rick Breier, pianist; Bibles presented to Noah Blankenship, Michelle Robinson, Molly Conway, Hannah Blankenship, Taylor Dickman, and Josh Maynard. Sermon, “Bible: Book of Faith,” by Paul Reichert.

Wednesday: Meal, 5:15; children’s activities, adult small group Bible study, catechism, high school gathering, 6 p.m.; Bell choir, 6:30 p.m.; Chancel choir, 7:30 p.m.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday: Merrill and Marcile Nofziger, greeters; Faye Grater, prelude; Wes Graber, worship leader; Kathy Leatherman, song leader. Meditation, “For What Purpose Has God Called Us?” by Tim Lehman.

Wednesday: MYF, 7 p.m.

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