Archbold, OH

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Archbold Evangelical

Sunday: Geoff and Jill Ludlow family/Full Sail Ministries, pre-gathering music; Andy Brodbeck, worship leader; mission commissioning, Jeff and Rebecca Smith, Mali, Africa. Message, “Jesus’ Prayer for Future Believers,” Roger Johnson.

Wednesday: Alive for Guys and Gals.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday: hymn sing prelude, led by Jen Cobb; Emma and Sydney Cobb, offertory; Becky Kauffman, worship leader. Message, “A Song of Promise,” Steve Heatwole. Adam Cobb family shared about the Drift Creek Camp, Ore.

Wednesday: MYF.

Zion Mennonite

Sunday: Karen Stuckey, prelude, interlude, offering; Joyce Yoder, song leader; Jeff Wyse, worship leader; Neil and Kathy Nofziger, Brad and Rachel Sort, Greg Short, ushers; Howard and Carolyn Snyder, Orville and Ginny Doehrmann, greeters; Fern Nafziger, reflections on convention; special music, Karen Ruth, Joyce Yoder, Karen Stuckey, “This Is My Body, Holy and Good.” Message, “The Do’s Outnumber the Don’ts,” Jeff Kauffman.

Central Mennonite

Sunday: Dean and Jeanette Beck, Ralph and Carolyn Metzler, greeters; Melissa Valentine and music team, prelude, song leader, offering; commissioning Molly Bruner, Tim Lehman; Eric and Larry Richer, worship leaders; Lee Short, prayer; Ron Short, scripture. Message, “Extreme Living: Jesus is the Life!” Tim Lehman.

Wednesday: MYF.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday: Emile and Ann Cerda, greeters; Faye Grater, prelude, offertory; college praise band, gathering songs; Jane Sauder, worship leaders; Jeff Roth, song leader; Eric and Marcia Lehman, childrens moment. Meditation, “How Might Trust Look?” Jess Engle; prayer, Naomi Engle.

United Methodist

Sunday: Ethan Hagans, acolyte; Chan Tinsman, sound/video; Colleen Bernath, organist; Susie Slawinski, pianist; Bev Emch, liturgist. Message by David David.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday: Leah Hall, Gabrielle Nafziger, acolytes; Bill Bostelman, Tim and Sue Grieser, Ralph and Bonnie Grieser, Bruce and Carrie Wooley, ushers; Paul and Joan Lovejoy, Ed and Dianne Wyrick, greeters; Linda Heer, worship leader; Ed Ruffer, song leader; Deb Schnitkey, accompanist; Chris Jennings, childrens message; Emily Walker, prelude; Ashley Short, Compass program sharing; Lorenzo McKeever, special music. Sermon, “Living By the Spirit: Confession,” Erich Christman; Adam Walker, offertory. Altar flowers in honor of Veronica Rupp’s 98th birthday.

St. James Lutheran

Sunday: Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost service led by James Strawn. Andrew Francis, acolyte; Hannah Carothers, organist. Altar flowers given by Les and Jan Schafer.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday: Pentecost Eleven. Youth group, Norm and Karen Beck, Tim and Pat Hausch, ushers; Tom and Joetta Henry, Dave and Karen Keesbery, greeters; Sherry Schweinhagen, Mike Weaver, lectors; Bryson Taylor, Laney Hulbert, acolytes; Brett Grime, organist; Jennifer Grime, childrens talk. Sermon by Brent Horne, seminarian.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday: Masses for vigil and 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time were for intentions of Louis and Laura Stork and people of parish. Sermon, “Serve Christ, Put Others First,” Bob Holdman. Madeline Schrickel, Jared and Josh Kidder, Jensyn, Delaney and Logan Garrow, servers; Diane Sesson, John Briskey, John Downey, Karen Dominique, Jim Rivello, John Smith, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion; Mary Ann Thatcher, Susan Wlasiuk, lectors; Frank Smith, Mike Schrickel, Mike Wilson, Steve Schroeder, ushers; Lonnie Short family, Evelyn Roth, greeters; John Smith, rosary leader; Thom Singer, music; Evelyn Roth, Juanita Arend, John and Linda Yaney, offertory.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday: Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost. Cory Erbskorn, acolyte; Brendon Johns, lector; Steve Basselman, pianist; Adam Bjorlin, “A Simple Song.” Childrens message and sermon, “Where Are You Looking?” Paul Reichert.

Wednesday: meal, 5:15 pm; informal worship, 6 pm.

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