Archbold, OH

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Archbold Evangelical

Sunday: Communion Sunday. Sam Andres, worship leader; Nick Hudson, song leader. Message, “Seeking Wrong Seats: Planning Wrong Parties,” Jesse Kahler; special music, Kim Rosales, “At The Cross.” Second service: praise and worship by Nick Hudson, worship team and band. Offertory, special music, and message same as first service.

Wednesday: Alive for Guys and Gals, worship team practice, Connection Club for pre-K thru grade 6, Jr. High Alive, high school small groups, Journey for All.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday: Chris Keiser, prelude; Issac Dahl, Ruth Ann Yancey, Jen Cobb, offertory; Todd Schmucker, worship leader; Mark Beck, song leader. Sermon, “Living with Adversity, Going the Distance,” Steve Heatwole.

Wednesday: MYF.

Zion Mennonite

Sunday: Jim Sauder, song leader; Al Liechty, worship leader; Neil Nofziger, Richard Beck, Brad and Rachel Short, Greg Short, ushers; Lonnie and Carol Short, Fern Schrock, greeters; Karen Stuckey, prelude, interlude, offering; Barbara Bowman, prayer; Phil Rich, scripture. Message, “Who Is My Neighbor?” Jeff Kauffman.

Wednesday: LOGOS, 5:30 pm; LOGOS meal, 5:50 pm; CHAOS, MYF, prayer, 6:45 pm.

Central Mennonite

Sunday: Peg Bruner, prelude, offering; Randy Nafziger and worship team, song leader; Steve and Laura Nafziger, worship leader; Loyal Briskey, children’s moment. Message, “How to Serve Like Jesus,” Tim Lehman.

Wednesday: Awana family pizza, 6:15 pm; Awana, JYF, 6:45 pm; MYF, 7 pm.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday: John and Karen King family, greeters; Brenda Beck, Jakob Waidelich, prelude, offertory; P33:3, gathering songs; Julie and Sandy Aeschliman, worship leaders; Kathy Leatherman, song leader. Children’s moment and meditation, “Net-Working,” Gloria Beck; prayer, Arlan Beck.

Wednesday: CQ, 6:30 pm; MYF, JYF, 7 pm.

United Methodist

Sunday: Ethan Hagans, acolyte; Chris Vonier, sound/ video; Susie Slawinski, pianist; Kelli Ehrman, oboe; Liz Leupp, liturgist. Message by Dwight Bowers.

Wednesday: Groundbreakers, JAM session, high school youth, bell choir, 6:30 pm; chancel choir, 7:15.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday: Lynn Stuckey, Becca Grieser, acolytes; Greg Walker, Dale and Sharon VonDeylen, Kelly and Betsy Ducey, Tom and Laura Johnson, ushers; Maggie Enderle, Roger and Sandy Miller, Nancy Ries, greeters; Tammy Nofziger, worship leader; Elaine Winzeler, Mike Meyer, song leader; Lynn Christman, accompanist; Kim Pool, special music; junior choir, “Be a Good Friend.” Sermon, “Red Light, Green Light,” Erich Christman.

Wednesday: LOGOS meal, 5:50 pm; FYI, 6:15 pm; JYF, 6:30 pm; hand bells, 6:50 pm; SYF, 7 pm; chancel choir, 7:30 pm.

St. James Lutheran

Sunday: Fourth Sunday After Epiphany service led by James Strawn. Andrew Francis, acolyte; Lois Badenhop, organist. Following the service adult choir and Brass Angels handbell choir practiced. Altar flowers given by Carl and Judi Miller.

Wednesday: jr. confirmation class, 6:30 pm.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday: Masses for vigil and 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time were for intentions of Lowell and Barbara Merillat and people of parish. Sermon, “Level of Loving,” Martin Nassr. Savannah Short, Jensyn, Delaney and Logan Garrow, Liam Row, Emerson Radabaugh, servers; Susan Saaf, John Briskey, John Downey, Lillie Radabaugh, Frank Smith, Theresa Mc- Coll, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion; Mary Ann Thatcher, Jake Grime, lectors; Steve Dominique, AJ Dammon, Charles McColl, Keith Radabaugh, ushers; Thom Singer, music; Theresa Bennett, rosary leader. John Downey talked about ministries. Matthew, Kristin, Anna and Marian Shields welcomed as new members.

Wednesday: religious education classes for K-12, 6:30 pm.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday: Fourth Sunday after Epiphany. Eliza Avers, acolyte; Jan Delaney, lector; Steve Basselman, pianist; Mike Short, percussion; Will Collins, keyboard; Adam Grisier, guitar; Moriah Reichert, Hannah Blankenship, song leaders. Children’s message and sermon, “Sermon series part 3: Holy Spirit,” Paul Reichert.

Wednesday: meal, 5:15 pm; informal worship, Welcome Place Kids, 6 pm; high school Bible study, adult Bible study, adult Bell choir, 6:30 pm; chancel choir, 7:30 pm.

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