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Archbold Evangelical

Sunday: prelude; Sam Andres, worship leader; Sarah Kinsman, scripture; worship team, offertory, “Ten Thousand Reasons.” Message, “6 Ways That Hinder,” Jesse Kahler. Second service: praise and worship by Nick Hudson, worship team and band. Offertory and message same as first service.

Wednesday: Alive for Guys and Gals, worship team practice, Connection Club for pre-K thru grade 6, Jr. High Alive, high school small groups, Journey for All.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday: MYF praise band, prelude, offertory, music; Keith and Jo Short, worship leader. Message by Jackie Wyse-Rhodes.

Wednesday: life planning.

Zion Mennonite

Sunday: Cheryl Britsch, song leader; Doug and Ruth Meyer, worship leader; Brad and Rachel Short, Lonnie and Carol Short, Ty Yoder, ushers; Glen Nafziger, John and Ginger Dalton, greeters; Doug and Ruth Meyer, worship leader; Caleb and Joshua Liechty, interlude, offering. Message, “Can We Say, ‘Jesus Is Lord’?” Jeff Kauffman; prayer, Larry Wyse.

Wednesday: family meal, 5:30 pm; Bible study, 7:15 pm.

Central Mennonite

Sunday: Steve and Laura Nafziger, Tex and Dee Wyse, greeters; Carol Nofziger, Anita Roth, prelude, offering; Jim Roynon, Music team, song leader; Dale Wyse, worship leaders; Britt Wyse, Children’s moment; Tyson Stuckey, prayer, scripture. Message, “Loving Like Jesus Loved,” Tim Lehman; Sarah Short, Char Roth, presentation of Faith Statement; Mary Lou Beck, prayer.

Wednesday: Awana, 6:45 pm; Youth mentoring, 7 pm.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday: John and Karen King family, greeters; Pam Graber, Jordan Bontrager, prelude, offertory; P33:3, gathering songs; Jim and Jane King, worship leaders; Jeff Roth, song leader. Meditation, “God Needs You!” Jess Engle; Lesa King, mission moment; Wes Graber, prayer.

Wednesday: MYF life planning, 7 pm.

United Methodist

Sunday: Austin Schaffner, acolyte; Julie Brink, sound/ video; Susie Slawinski, pianist; Matt Welch, liturgist. Message by David David.

Wednesday: Groundbreakers, 6:15 pm; JAM session, bell choir, 6:30 pm; chancel choir, 7:15 pm; high school youth, 7:30 pm.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday: Andrew Wyse, Camden Warncke, acolytes; Bill Bostelman, Ron and Karen Rice, Kathy Bostelman, Craig Grieser, Jon and Jessica Lindsay, ushers; Ben and Sue Buehrer, Linda Heer, Carolyn Walker; Jan Lindsay, worship; Ed Ruffer, song leader; Deb Schnitkey, accompanist; JoAnn and Meridith Short, children’s message; chancel choir, “Be Thou My Vision.” Sermon, “Living as Foreigners,” Erich Christman.

Wednesday: LOGOS meal, 5:50 pm; JYF, 6:30 pm; junior choir, 6:50 pm; SYF, 7 pm; chancel choir, 7:30 pm.

St. James Lutheran

Sunday: Second Sunday after Epiphany service led by James Strawn. Andrew Francis, acolyte; Lois Badenhop, organist; Billye Leininger shared to commemorate “Life Sunday.” Following the service adult choir and Brass Angels handbell choir practiced. Altar flowers given by Jeff and Joni Foster in honor of their 31st wedding anniversary.

Wednesday: jr. confirmation class, 6:30 pm.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday: worship with mortgage burning service. Preservice music by junior choir, led by Michelle Kruse. Sanctuary flowers donated by Gwen Kruse. Sermon based on Romans 12:12, “Hope-Filled Heart,” Dale Kern.

Wednesday:weekdayschool, Kingdom Kids, 5:45 pm; LYT, 6 pm; choir, 7:30 pm.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday: Masses for vigil and the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time were for intentions of Randy Grime and people of parish. Sermon, “Do Whatever Jesus Tells Us,” by Martin Nassr. Cassidy Williams, Sam Jaramillo, Savannah Short, Mattie Thatcher, Meggie Yoder, servers; Jake Grime, Jim Rivello, Leonard Gustwiller, Mari Yoder, Theresa & Charles McColl, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion; Donna Miller, Megan Cordes, lectors; Larry Miller, Earl Reineche, John Smith, Mike Schrickel, ushers; John Smith, rosary leader; Thom Singer, music.

Wednesday: Religious education classes for K-12, 6:30 pm.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday: Second Sunday after Epiphany. MacKenna Whitacre, acolyte; Ivy Nehls, lector; Steve Basselman, organist/pianist; “Many and Great Are Your Works,” Jessica Short, flute; “This Little Light of Mine,” adult bell choir anthem. Children’s message and sermon, “Trinity: The Father,” Paul Reichert.

Wednesday: meal, 5:15 pm; informal worship, Welcome Place Kids, 6 pm; adult Bible study, adult bell choir, 6:30 pm; chancel choir, 7:30 pm.

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