Archbold, OH

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Archbold Evangelical

Sunday: Nick Hudson, worship leader, scripture, prayer. Message, “The Commonness of Common Sense,” Jesse Kahler. Second service: Nick Hudson, Sara Kinsman and worship team, praise and worship. Rest of service, same as first.

Wednesday: Alive for Guys and Gals, worship team practice.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday: Kauffman praise band, prelude, offertory; Elaine Frey, worship leader; Kelly Schmucker, children’s time. Sermon, “Lessons from Barns,” Naomi Engle. Blessing time for Caleb Waidelich, Mike Stuckey.

Wednesday: MYF.

Zion Mennonite

Sunday: Joyce Yoder, song leader; Al and Ginny Liechty, Lonnie and Carol Short, Ty Yoder, ushers; Bob and Joyce Frey, Ed and Theo Yoder, greeters; Bonnie Stuckey, prelude, interlude, offering; Jacinta Nafziger, worship leader; Mona Sauder, scripture. Message, “Seek Peace Through Love,” Jeff Kauffman.

Central Mennonite

Sunday: Loyal Briskey, Dale and Geneva Wyse, greeters; Carol Nofziger, music for gathering; Duane Becks, song leader; Donna King, worship leader, scripture; Marla Miller, Biblical imagery; Christine Schoenhals and the puppets, children’s lesson. Sermon, “Water for Life,” Bill Holsopple; Char Roth, prayer.

Wednesday: MYF, 7 pm.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday: Barney and JoAnne Frey, greeters; Elizabeth Miller, worship table; Mike and Sandy Short, worship leaders; Eric Lehman, song leader; Faye Grater, prelude; Jakob Waidelich, offertory; Adrienne Schmucker, drama. Meditation, “Whom are you going to serve?” Don Frey; sharing, prayer, Jess Engle.

United Methodist

Sunday: Austin Welch, acolyte; Colleen Bernath, organist; Susie Slawinski, pianist; Matt Welch, liturgist. Message by David David.

Wednesday: high school youth, 7 pm.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday: Tom Johnson, Chris and Toni Neuenschwander, Kelly and Betsy Ducey, Matt and Kim Hines, ushers; Phil and Marilyn Buehrer, Tim and Sue Grieser, greeters; Deb Schnitkey, accompanists; Elaine Winzeler. Sermon, “Trust God,” Erich Christman.

Wednesday: Resonate, 7 pm.

St. James Lutheran

Sunday: Ninth Sunday after Pentecost service led by James Strawn. Levi Strawn, acolyte; Lois Badenhop, organist.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday: Pentecost Nine worship. Brent and Linda Petersen, Tim and Pat Hausch, ushers; Tom and Joetta Henry, Dave and Karen Keesbery, greeters; Sherry Schweinhagen, Josh Schlade, lectors; Morgan Miller, Amber Wendt, Kayla Beaverson, acolytes. Message, “Lunch Box Sermon: I am the Light,” Dale Kern.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday: Masses for vigil and 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time were for intentions of Sherry Oehus and the faithful departed. Cassidy Baden, Savannah Short, Delaney and Jensyn Garrow, Liam Row, Madeline Schrickel, servers; Peaches Holland, Charles and Theresa McColl, Nick Wlasiuk, Susan Saaf, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion; Judy Smith, Donna Miller, lectors; John and Frank Smith, Steve Case, ushers; Diane Sessen, Doti Young, Juanita Arend, Helen Dalton, greeters; Pat Cousino, rosary leader; Thom Singer, music; Mona LaNeve, offertory. Lilli Michelle Dominique, daughter of Scott and Brittany; Kylar Thomas Weiland, son of Tom and Sarah, welcomed into the church through baptism.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday: Ninth Sunday after Pentecost. Noah Blankenship, acolyte; Cindy Heckel, lector; Steve Basselman, organist/pianist; Erin Erbskorn, keyboard; Donovan Ziegler, percussion; Adam Grisier, guitar; Moriah Reichert, Hanna Blankenship, song leaders; Mollie Busta Lange, offering music, “Panis Angelicus.” Children’s message and sermon, “Impossible Just another Day with Jesus,” Paul Reichert.

Wednesday: meal, 5:15 pm; informal worship, 6 pm.

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