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News from the Pew & Pulpit

Central Mennonite

Sunday morning: Country Pals, gathering music, offertory; Katie Brubaker, welcome, prayer, story, scripture reader; scripture, Mark 12:28-34; songs of praise and response, Music team, Duane Beck; Linda Riegsecker, another story; sermon, “The Whole Enchilada,” Jeff Smith, pastor; Brad Mosier, prayer of God’s people; members of Country Pals include, Bob Flory, Sherman Hathaway, Bob Leidigh, Ed Roth, Jerry Stutzman, Dave Spiess, Merle Wyse, Zelma Kauffman.

Wednesday: Golden Age Sewing; morning prayers, 7 a.m.; MYF, 5:15 p.m.; prayers of praise and petition, 7 p.m.

Evangelical Mennonite

Sunday morning: Nancy Wyse, prelude; JoAnne Rupp, instrumental offertory; message, “The Fear of Man,” Stuart Rex. Second service: Praiselude and worship through singing led by Worship team; baby and child dedication; offertory, Seth Bible; message same as first service.

Wednesday: Men Alive; adult Bible study; worship team; high school small groups.

Lockport Mennonite

Sunday morning: prelude, offertory, Praise band led by Randy Kauffman; Elaine Frey, worship leader; children’s lesson and message, Jackie Wyse, Netherlands missionary.

St. John’s Christian

Sunday morning: 11th Sunday after Pentecost; Dave and Paige Miller, Doug and Toni Vajen, greeters; Michael Walker, Alyssa Gobrogge, acolytes; Mark Nofziger, Greg and Steve Walker, Rod and Joyce Kinsman, Mackenzie and Delaney Nofziger, ushers; Tammy Nofziger, worship leader; Denny Hornish, Ed Perry, song leaders; Nancy Rupp, children’s moment; scripture, Psalm 63:1- 5, Mark 11:20-26, 1 John 5:13- 15; sermon, “Prayer: What’s the Point?” Erich Christman, pastor; altar flowers in honor of Bob and Carol DeVries 40th wedding anniversary.

Wednesday: resonate: rule of life, SGL, 7 p.m.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday morning: Heritage Sunday with holy communion celebrated; recognition of Sunday school teachers; special recognition of Mary Grime for 60 years as organist; Karen Keesbery, Paul Schumm, lectors; altar flowers in honor of Mike Hurst’s birthday and Ray and Dorothy Hurst’s anniversary; Worship team, music; sermon, Dale Kern, pastor.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday morning: masses for the 19th Sunday in ordinary time were for the intentions of the people of the Parish and Hazen Ruffer; worship leader, Gary Ferguson, pastor; Emerson Radabaugh, Mick Britenriker, Ashley Double, Cassidy Williams, Aaron and David Lauber, servers; Barb and Mike Britenriker, Jim Rivello, Ben and Julie Rosenbauer, Eucha- ristic ministers; Frank Smith, Melissa Krueger, lectors; Mike Britenriker, Sr., Francis Coressel, Andy Dominique, ushers; Evelyn Roth, Rosary leader.

Wednesday: Rosary and morning mass; an assumption of Virgin Mary mass, for special intention, 12-noon.

United Methodist

Sunday morning: Doug and Sue Krauss, greeters; Gary and Carolyn Fidler, Sandy Surfus, Gloria Nusbaum, ushers; Caroline Vonier, Erin Erbskorn, acolytes; Karen Vonier, liturgist; Colleen Bernath, organist; message, David David, pastor.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday morning: Chelsea Schmucker, prelude; scripture, Acts 8:26-30; Bob Sauder, children’s lesson; meditation, “Swing For The Fences,” James Roynon, pastor; Lester and Marge King, worship leaders; Joy Kauzlick, song leader.

Wednesday: MYF burger bash, 5 p.m.

Zion Mennonite

Sunday morning: Zion 1 A.D., prelude, special music; Mike Zimmerman, worship leader; Kevin Sauder, song leader; Karen Stuckey, interlude; Bill Beck, offertory; scripture, Psalm 34, Luke 12:22-34; sermon, “It’s Not Yours, So You Can (And Should) Give It Away,” Ron Guengerich, pastor; Lester Roth, sharing; prayer for church and world, Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg, youth pastor; Cork and Patsy Nofziger, Fannie Tovey, Lois King, greeters; Jerry and Ladonna Andres, Duane Sauder, Tony Sauder, Ruben Yoder, ushers.

Wednesday: CE stewardship, 12-noon.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday morning: Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost; Gospel lesson, Luke 12:32-40, children’s sermon, “Not Being Afraid,” sermon “Awake and Faithful,” Paul Reichert, pastor; Stuart Wyse, acolyte; Eric Grisier, Butch and Amy Blankenship, ushers; scripture, Genesis 15:1- 6, Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16, read by Ivy Nehls; altar flowers in honor of Jessica Short’s birthday, given by Merrill and Rosemary Short; offertory duet, More Precious Than Silver, Brittni and Brandi Meyer; Steve Basselman, worship coordinator; Rick Breier, pianist; Michael Short, percussion.

Wednesday: blue jean church, 5:30 p.m.; meal, 6 p.m.; knit wits, 6:30 p.m.

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