Archbold, OH

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Archbold Evan. Mennonite

Sunday morning: Vicki Gramling, prelude; You Are My Life, choral offertory; message, Psalm 88, by Stuart Rex, associate pastor. Second service: Praiselude, worship through singing and offertory led by Worship Team; message same as first service.

Wednesday: Kids Connection Club, Junior High Alive, Men Alive, adult Bible study, Worship Team practice, High School small groups, 7 p.m.

St. Martin’s Lutheran

Sunday morning: Reformation Sunday. Psalm of Hope, Chancel choir; Kris Jemmott, lector; Cristie Sevey, vocalist; Jen Basselman, Mark Hagans trumpets; Jonathan Manahan, acolyte; children’s sermon, sermon, “Freed From, Freed For,” Paul Reichert, pastor; Bob Liechty, Todd Ziegler, Jan Delaney, ushers; Brenda Shibler, Kris Jemmott, Jo Ann Liechty, Tanya Howell, Gwen Grisier, Jerry Rohrs, Ivy Nehls, communion assistants.

Wednesday: Homework table, 3:30 p.m.; Grace Notes, 4:30 p.m.; meal, 5:15 p.m.; children’s activities, catechism, small group Bible study, high school work night, 6 p.m.; Chancel choir, 7:30 p.m.

Zion Mennonite

Sunday morning: Jane Friesen, song leader; Karen Stuckey, prelude; music Jesus, Stand Among Us” Alex Short, Jane Friesen, Lori Bontrager, Sherri Plank; Katie Yoder, offering and offertory; Ada Schrock, scripture with the children. Sermon, “Lessons from the Feeding of the 5,000,” Mary Beth Lind. Jerry and Ladonna Andres, Duane Sauder, Tony Sauder, Ruben Yoder, ushers; Mara and Mim Beck, microphones; Clint and Suz Wirick, Larry and Evelyn Rychener, greeters; Jeff Wyse, transportation; Deb and Zac Zimmerman, Brenda Aeschliman, nursery.

Wednesday: Elders, 5 p.m.; LOGOS, MYF Kairos, 5:30 p.m.; LOGOS meal, 5:50 p.m. CHAOS, MYF, 6 p.m.; Adult Bible study, 7 p.m.

Central Mennonite

Sunday morning: Emily Gruenhagen, music for gathering, offertory; Kristi Miehls, song leader; Kathy Smith, welcome; prayer of response; Music team, music leader; Wanda Stopher, children’s time; Shirley Nafziger, scripture reading. Sermon, “The Enemy,” by Jeff Smith, pastor; Dana Short, prayer of God’s people.

Wednesday: Men’s Fraternity, 6 a.m.; morning prayers, 7 a.m.; MYF, 7 p.m.

United Methodist

Sunday morning: Jean Howell, Betty Clark, greeters; Jon Wyse, Dick Selgo, Gary Fidler, Bill Walsh, ushers; Chris Wyse, sound engineer; Jay Miller, Bryce Tinsman, acolytes; Col- leen Bernath, organist, Colleen Bernath; Lisa Allison, liturgist; Applause Bell choir. Message by David David, pastor.

Wednesday evening: Applause Handbell choir, 6:30 p.m.; Chancel choir practice, 7:30 p.m.

St. Peter Catholic

Sunday morning: Masses for the Vigil and the 30th Sunday in Ordinary time for the intentions of the people of the parish and Joan Corkle. Message, “Do We Have Too Much False Pride?” by Gary Ferguson, pastor. Eileen, Grace, and Meggie Yoder, Jack Downey, Danny Young, Travis Jaramillo, servers; Mari Yoder, Nick Wlasiuk, John Downey, John Smith and Susan Saaf, eucharistic ministers; Frank Smith and Melissa Krueger, lectors; Steve Schroeder, Francis Coressel, Andy Dominique and Larry Miller, ushers; Norbert Lisak, rosary leader; Peg Hines, music; Andy, Ann, David Dominique and Susan Saaf, offertory.

Wednesday Morning: rosary recited; Evening: Religious Education classes, All Saints Day Vigil mass.

St. John Lutheran

Sunday morning: Worship with Holy communion. Mary Grime, organist; special music by the Senior choir; Julie Patterson, Mike Weaver, lectors; Tom and Joetta Henry, Dave and Karen Keesbery, greeters. Sermon, “Head of Home,” by Dale Kern, pastor.

Wednesday evening: Weekday and Kingdom Kids, 5:45 p.m.; Senior choir practice, 7:30 p.m.; Worship team practice, 8 p.m.

West Clinton Mennonite

Sunday morning: Faye Grater, Luke and Marilyn Yoder, greeters; Caleb and Joshua Liechty, prelude; special music arranged by Chris Liechty; Loveda Liechty, Chris Liechty and family, worship leaders; Arlan Beck, song leader. Message, “Peace Within the Congregation,” by Tim Lehman, pastor.

Wednesday: Ladies Bible study, 5:45 a.m.; MYF, 7 p.m.

St. John’s Christian

Delaney Nofziger, Dinah Rice, acolyte; Ann Fether, Wayne and Lynn Lehman; Tony and Missy Warncke, Dave and Nancy Lightner, ushers; Nancy Ries, Carolyn Walker; Kelly and Betsy Ducey, greeters; Tim and Wendy Hogrefe, kiddie care; James Grime, Jon Schmidt, Dean Sauder, sound/ video techs; Deb Schnitkey, Ed Ruffer, accompanist; Lynne Christman, Adam Just, Brandon and Colin Lehman, Michelle Short, worship band; Neal Gobrogge, worship leader Elaine Winzeler, song leader; Nancy Rupp, children’s moment. Sermon, “The Weeds of Worship,” by Erich Christman, pastor.

Wednesday evening: Men’s Fraternity, 6 a.m.; LOGOS, Bells & Chimes, 5:30 p.m.; JYF, SYF, 7 p.m.; Chancel choir, 7:30 p.m.

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