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Mostly clear

New Year’s Resolution: Keep Archbold Beautiful

The start of a New Year is a time for new beginnings. It’s time to get a fresh start on all the things one intended to do the year before.

Many will resolve to drop a few pounds, to put an end to bad habits.

There’s one resolution that will benefi t all: resolve to do your best to help keep your community beautiful.

In these days of snow and ice, that means keeping sidewalks clear, neat, and tidy. In addition to looking nice, it will protect the many Archbold residents who walk, run, or are disabled.

Snow-covered sidewalks are hard to travel for people who rely on them to get around the community. Clean sidewalks are safer for children than walking on streets.

In the spring, take some time to spruce up the yard. Cut the grass, plant flowers, and fix up around the house. It will improve your property value and your neighborhood. It’s like money in the bank, isn’t it?

Working in the soil can be a pleasant and enjoyable way to relax and relieve some everyday stress.

When warm weather comes again, keep your property neat by keeping the grass cut and pick up the bits and pieces of trash that blow around.

When fall arrives, an afternoon of raking leaves can be a great opportunity for adults to model a strong work ethic for impressionable children.

Isn’t it smart to work together to keep Archbold beautiful?

Keep Archbold’s reputation alive. It pays dividends.

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